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May 2009

TIME 100 Poll vs 4chan hackers [via]

December 2007

Ask MetaFilter - Tales of Hacker Folklore [via]

June 2006

17 Mistakes Microsoft Made in the Xbox Security System [via]

June 2005

Analysis: Phishing Scam [via]

Dear visitors, don't believe these emails talking about money transfers via Postbank, it's all a big scam to trick you out of your money!

May 2005

Abusing the Amazon image generator [via]

December 2004

Adam Stiles: Hacking Google Suggest [via]

November 2004

Flasm - free command line SWF ActionScript disassembler

August 2004

Spoofing the Firefox 0.9 UI [via]

May 2004

using :visited and expression() to detect any visited link

There's been some talk (see Anne, CollyLogic) about it being possible to use the :visited pseudo-class and background-image urls to detect if a user has visited a particular link.

Luckily for Internet Explorer users, they are unaffected because IE doesn't support the [href=] selector. Unfortunately, there's another method that does work in IE and is even more dangerous...

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May 2003

Wow, 12 chars of html that are guaranteed to crash Internet Explorer every time:

<input type>

(save as .html file and open in IE to try it out)
[via Karma Universe / Fuckhedz]

October 2002

O'Reilly Network: Real Hacking Rules! [via Interconnected]

September 2001

Leo Laporte interviews Kevin Mitnick (text & video) [via]

August 2001

Test your hacking skills at Clever stuff. Educational even. I'm currently stuck on level 5 (.exe-based login, hmm). [via Weblog Wannabe]