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December 2004

Ruler of Your Own World review at

For one week I have watched no movies or series other than this show. Currently at hour 16 of 20, I'm desperately waiting for the last of the torrents to finish downloading.

Although this is the first and only Korean series I have seen so far, I'll definitely believe the above review when they call it The best TV drama of 2002. :)

AKIRA MORI KRIDA wrote on 2007/02/13:
ilike won bin,coz he's so cute n i adore korean film like the hotelier, love story in harvard, full house, winter sonata...bae yong jun is cool....i kim tae he n kim rae won

AKIRA+MORI+KRIDA wrote on 2007/02/13:
i want to know information about scholarship to school in south korea...coz korea is one of stronger country in Asia n in the world about the nuclear in north's so dangerous n if u want to know maybe can make the radiation so watch out.........