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August 2005

D-Addicts has torrents for TRICK - a funny Japanese X-Files-like series [related]

Joaquin wrote on 2005/08/28:
Downloading episode 1...

Milo wrote on 2005/08/28:
Cool. I myself have skipped ahead to the first ep of Trick 2, which has a lot better picture quality than the first season VHS rips.

Joaquin wrote on 2005/08/28:
It's nice to see posts like these. I'm really into anime & Japan the last couple of months and I won't mind if you post a lot more japanese-tagged items.

Just to "prove" my Japan-o-philia (as if that's necessary...), my watched-anime-list:

For my Nihongo skills I use this site:
Currently I have mastered the hiragana, so the katakana are next, I guess!

If you have any tips or suggestions, please don't hesitate. :)

Milo wrote on 2005/08/28:
Heheh, I happen to be compiling a list of watched-animes myself, will post it soon. But lately I've been watching even more Japanese movies than anime series... thanks to sites like and .

One handy site I use occasionally is - converts Roman alphabets to Japanese Hiragana/Katakana characters.

And here's something I've been working on, a Javascript-based hiragana/katakana trainer:

Joaquin wrote on 2005/08/28:
Thanks! Very nice trainer!