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January 2006

Futurama to return as 4 feature length DVD movies!! according to castmember Billy West

June 2005

The Onion A.V. Club interviews Billy West

All Futurama Taglines [via]

Futurama on Wikipedia

April 2005 Forums - FUTURAMA cast re-design

September 2004

The 25 Best Futurama Moments Ever [via]

April 2003

Futurama Panoramas [at]
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October 2002

Random Futurama quotes hidden in Slashdot HTTP headers [via]

April 2000

X-Files and Futurama characters recreated with Fisher Price dolls. [via]

There's another X-Men trailer for download, this time even in giant fullscreen format (37MB mov). [via arbitrary productions]

The Three Laws of Rowboatica [via Ooine]