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December 2012

Fabian Oefner's ferrofluid + watercolour compositions (via rcolors )

November 2012

RT @thisfatzoo: hyper realistic paintings of Budapest FTW

Studio Ghibli meets Where The Wild Things Are: (by Justin Hill , via e_the_wild_things_are/ )

The Many Faces of Bill Murray (Art by Aaron Jasinski) (via ray_art_by_aaron/ )

October 2012


Hold Close, comic by Ingrid Tan (via hold_close_by_ingridtan/ )

Books Printed with Complete RGB Color Space: via

drawings by Milano Chow (via )

Barbican's Rain Room: it's raining, but you won't get wet - video via @guardian

September 2012

RT @blauereiter: The Art Of Makoto Shinkai's Children Who Chase Lost Voices Book Review : voices-book-review/

RT @Triangulation_B: Colorful light installations by David Batchelor >>>

RT @blauereiter: Mamoru Hosoda's amazing new film Wolf Children comes with an equally amazing artbook : kground-art/

July 2012

"dikken van pamel", pamel, BE

"dikken van pamel", pamel, BE

The Art of in-game Photography

do it yourself doodler (via ke_a_blank_sheet_with/ )



When Art, Apple and the Secret Service Collide: ‘People Staring at Computers’ ll/ via e-uncomfortable-but-I-didnt-want-to-do-anything-illegal

KABK Eindexamenexpo 2012


Kinetic Rain sculpture by ART+COM etic-rain/ via

June 2012



May 2012

kleurrijke piramide ergens langs Zoetermeer

kleurrijke piramide ergens langs Zoetermeer

Never-Before-Seen Concept Art from David Cronenberg's Total Recall bergs-total-recall/gallery/

March 2012

RT @butdoesitfloat: Moebius: Art is the big door, but real life is a lot of small doors that you must pass through to create something new f-small-doors-that-you

January 2012

December 2011

RijksakademieOPEN 2011

RijksakademieOPEN 2011: Feiko Beckers

November 2011

IchBinKong - They live (adding eyeballs to things): (via @skwirrol) #streetart

.@trendbeheer previewt extragratis @Rijksakademie Open Ateliers van komend weekend: m-3/

RT @ArjAndj: Gast naast me schetst zijn slapende overbuurman. #ondertussenindetrein @ Intercity Rdam Naar utrecht

September 2011

Laura Bifano illustration - Menagerie: (via

July 2011

My Little Half-Life

RT @jeresig: Wrote up some back story regarding Hiroshige's classic print 'Sea off Satta Point' for Museum Reddit: point_1859/c23hovy?context=3

January 2011

VIERKWART expo opening, jan 2011

See Sabine ten Lohuis' website for more...

phonecam impression of KABK photo expo
Storing foto-expositie

December 2010

Swan Market Rotterdam
Swan Market Rotterdam

November 2010

Rijksakademie OPEN2010

Rijksakademie OPEN2010

September 2010

opening Bazar Bizar MINIshop Rotterdam

opening Bazar Bizar MINIshop

De Wereld van Witte de With 2010

De Wereld van Witte de With 2010

VIERKWART expo at Coffee Company Rotterdam

VIERKWART expo opening

July 2010

awesome Akira animation cels and background art [via]

June 2010

Bazar Bizar 2010 highlights

Bazar Bizar 2010

'MADE at WdKA' graduation expo in Las Palmas

WdKA graduation expo

May 2010

sand sculptures in Scheveningen

sand sculptures in Scheveningen

De Kooning te rijk exhibition @ BLAAK10

De Kooning te rijk @ BLAAK10

More Is A Bore exhibition at Ship of Fools

'more is a bore' exhibition at Ship of Fools

January 2010

Illustrated Missed Connections [via]

The Hype Machine - Top 50 Artists & Bands of 2009, with a custom artwork for each [via]

December 2009 - Cymatic Ferrofluid [via]

Roa Hits Warsaw, Part II - unurth - street art [more] [via]

rotating kitchen by Zeger Reyers [via]

October 2009

Chris O'Shea - Hand from Above [via]

September 2009

the clock clock [related] [via]

Covered - Classic comic book covers remixed by artists [via]

Platonic Solids [via]

August 2009

Glitch : Designing Imperfection - a book on Glitch Art and Design Aesthetics [via]

Stewdio - Swim [more] [via]

Carved magazines by Nate Page

July 2009

Den Haag Sculptuur: Javier Marín

Javier Marín sculptures

June 2009

Bazar Bizar 2009

Bazar Bizar 2009

May 2009

April 2009

tweenbots | kacie kinzer [via]

March 2009

Pulp Fiction - book cover cut-outs by Thomas Allen

January 2009

YouTube - Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters [via]

superuseless superpowers [via]

but does it float

December 2008

Christoph Niemann's illustrations about illustration [via]

November 2008

Drawn! - Studies in Pen Art: beautiful typographic flourishes from 1914 [via]

October 2008 is all about creating huge images with exactly one pixel for each of the 16 million colours in the 24-bit RGB palette [by ACJ]

Chris O'Shea - Audience [via]

150 SUEÑOS ILUSTRADOS - 150 children's dreams illustrated by different artists [via]

September 2008

Urban Play 2008 Sagmeister Inc. [via]

Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Rotterdam

August 2008

July 2008 [via]

Christoph Niemann - The Boys and the Subway [via]

ContextFree.js & Algorithm Ink: Making Art with Javascript [via]

June 2008

June Bum Park makes video art of people and things being manipulated by giant hands [via]

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