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October 2012

RT @tenhoope: Nog een reden om te gaan lezen: de nieuwe app!

July 2012

hover effects in my css-only anim 120 now also triggered on ipad touch events, thanks to replacing div's with a's

June 2012

RT @jammed: New maps icon is pretty but will kill you.

March 2012

RT @ignorethecode: iPhoto's Mystery Meat Gestures

RT @tomcoates: I've been designing for iOS devices too long when the first thing I think when I hear 40% better saturation is "our apps will look weird"

February 2012

RT @waxylinks: The Verge's analysis on apps that upload your contact list — finally, the data journalism article that everyone wanted after the Path debacle k-what-you-need-to-know

RT @repponen: iOS '86 (Retro)

RT @dwineman: If the mark of a good UI is that a child can use it, then the iPad multitasking gestures are a failure. Pure hindrance to small hands.