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November 2012

Non-Confusing, Visually Correct Slider Toggle UI d-slider-ui/ (via )

May 2012

those js let's-fade-out-the-entire-page lightbox overlays and touch browsers continue to be an awkward annoying mix

April 2012

wauw, Mijn ING interface omkat, werd eens tijd! jquery, css sprites, friendly urls, fijn

amazing experimental UI demos in this presentation by @worrydream: Inventing on Principle (via @codinghorror)

February 2012

RT @dwineman: If the mark of a good UI is that a child can use it, then the iPad multitasking gestures are a failure. Pure hindrance to small hands.

December 2011

RT @LeaVerou: Fascinating #UX @smashingmag article: @lukew rethinks the login form and comes up with very creative ideas. gning-login-forms/

November 2011

Firefox UI design elements by Alex Faaborg that didn't make the cut: (via @webmonkey)

October 2011

RT @LeaVerou: Quick #usability tip: Make disabled controls more obviously disabled with :disabled { cursor: not-allowed; }

June 2011

wishing Google Calendar month view would just let me scroll down instead of always compacting all days to fit into available vertical space