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December 2012

confusing keyboard-using readers of your blog: trigger page nav on each press of left/right arrowkey, without checking if Alt-key is pressed

November 2012

Non-Confusing, Visually Correct Slider Toggle UI d-slider-ui/ (via )

October 2012

RT @fofr: Hover states - a lovely presentation of various interaction designs (via @pbad)

August 2012

The Best Interface is no Interface - ce.html/ (via @EduardoMorais )

July 2012

wtf mobile web via @brad_frost

May 2012

request for js slideshow makers: if you trigger forward navigation on spacebar-press, please also allow shift-spacebar for back navigation

those js let's-fade-out-the-entire-page lightbox overlays and touch browsers continue to be an awkward annoying mix

April 2012

amazing experimental UI demos in this presentation by @worrydream: Inventing on Principle (via @codinghorror)

March 2012

RT @ignorethecode: iPhoto's Mystery Meat Gestures

February 2012

RT @dwineman: If the mark of a good UI is that a child can use it, then the iPad multitasking gestures are a failure. Pure hindrance to small hands.

December 2011

RT @LeaVerou: Fascinating #UX @smashingmag article: @lukew rethinks the login form and comes up with very creative ideas. gning-login-forms/

Just realized sth annoying about new twitter: it emphasises showing full names before nicknames; other way round would make more sense to me

September 2011

one big thing native mobile apps seem to do a lot better than web apps: maintaining correct scroll position on back-navigation #android #ui