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November 2012

Data Pointed - Animated Factorization diagrams/ (via )

July 2012

RT @morgan3d: Article on efficient and elegant hex and triangle grids indexing

June 2012

The art of π, φ and e via

January 2012

RT @newsycombinator: Fun with math: Dividing one by 998001 yields a surprising result

RT @StackMath: Great answer: Do "imaginary" and "complex" angles exist? -angles-exist/96159#96159 #trigonometry

September 2008

Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity - a documentary by Arthur C. Clarke, 1995 [via]

November 2007

Google Video - How to turn a sphere inside-out [via]

July 2007

mechanical wooden binary marble adding machine (YouTube) [via]

April 2006

Freedom to Tinker - Making and Breaking HDCP Handshakes [via]

bicause noe 2 thynges can be moare equalle - how the equals sign was invented [via]