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December 2012

RT @neave: Very silly :)

RT @paulrouget: Head tracking and 3D effect with WebRTC (works in Firefox, Chrome & Opera) (media.navigator pref needs to be turned on)

RT @twholman: Oooh! amazingly sexy #javascript chess - - by @JulianGarnier

November 2012

Data Pointed - Animated Factorization diagrams/ (via )

September 2012

1.notice IE jQuery error; 2. dl slightly newer unminimized jQuery simply to debug specific line; 3. find bug has disappeared like magic, yay

RT @mathias: Detailed research on GPU acceleration and `requestAnimationFrame` across browsers by @zoltandulac:

remarkable how much faster it is to run js at bottom of body instead of on document.ready, especially with 3rd party adservers in the mix

100% Client Side QR Code Reader using getUserMedia() + Webcam (via )

We Are Back - classic 90s cracktros redone in js/canvas (via @threeze, @waxpancake) #demoscene

July 2012

highlight images with missing width/height params

A bit of jQuery I used recently for debbugging, to highlight all img-tags with missing width/height params:
$('img:not([width]),img:not([height])').css({border: '3px dashed red'})

Here's a plain js version that works without jQuery: document.styleSheets[0].insertRule('img:not([width]),img:not([height]){border: 3px dashed red}')

pareidoloop cleverly generates "faces" by combining random polygons, mutation, face detection: via

RT @rmurphey: What's wrong with @netmag's "Optimise your JavaScript" post (with thanks to @cowboy @rwaldron & everyone else)

RT @jsgoodies: 2d visibility; various algorithms to determine visibility in 2d games, includes live demos:

June 2012

js screen.width/height on secondary displays

Just noticed a curious Javascript bug in Internet Explorer 9: the screen.width/height properties always return the dimensions of the main monitor, even when the active browser window is on the second monitor.

Upon further testing, it turns out Safari for Windows has the same problem. Chrome, Opera and Firefox all report the correct dimensions, however.

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects via

RT @attasi: I built a CSS 3D lighting engine. It's called Photon. What do think?

js wolf3d has the most awesome css spritesheets: png ls-shaded/64/walls.png ites/128/002_053.png

RT @JSProfessor: Say goodbye to the pesky ternary operator: "[myResult1, myResult2][+myCondition];" #youreWelcome #greatForNesting Parsing Exif client-side using JavaScript javascript-2/

Creating Fast Buttons for Mobile Web Applications via

RT @schill: @meyerweb Also for fun, see encoding JavaScript into PNG data:

pasting a javascript:... url in Chrome address bar strips out the "javascript:" part, for security reasons probably

fun with Chrome css filter: javascript:void(deg=0,setInterval(function(){'hue-rotate('+(++deg)+'deg)'},55))

May 2012


Another css-only animation. Move mouse around to see the effect (works best in WebKit and Opera browsers)

April 2012

RT @brad_frost: Use your phone to control a game played in your desktop browser! Awesome! #ffly #fftweet

Responsive CSS3 Slider Without Javascript by @teapoted

RT @NickSherman: The Neue Haas Grotesk site is an experiment in SVG type specimens. Zoomable, prints at high res, defaults to GIFs in IE

March 2012

RT @p01: JS1K Speech Synthesis - - Speaks as you type and whole sentences in 1K of JavaScript #spoiler #formant #synthesis Enjoy

RT @js1k: ♥ Philip Buchanan's submission blew me away, wow! His "Autumn Evening" portrays a beautiful sunset #js1k presentations on

RT @jedschmidt: late in finding it, but here's the video of my @140bytes presentation at the last @jsconfeu. i had so much fun with it: -one-tweet-at-a-time-5663160

February 2012

RT @alistapart: “Did you know var π = Math.PI; is syntactically valid JavaScript?” @mathias plumbs the depths of variable naming: ^mm

RT @romancortes: 1kb rose, rotating:

RT @twholman: Nick Kwiatek's has a sweet ASCII fluid systems going on here - - (wiggle the mouse around). via @nkwiatek + @ahmattox

RT @romancortes: How I made the js1k rose:

January 2012

RT @kasthomas: Procedural textures in HTML5 canvas nvas.html

Badass Javascript 2011 year in review review

December 2011

RT @jeresig: New Blog Post: JavaScript as a First Language:

November 2011

Overeager js touchmove event catching is the mobile equivalent to desktop js keypress catching, in that I inevitably trigger it by accident.

Worst offender is the default blogspot mobile template, jumping to prev or next entry on the slightest horizontal touchmove.

October 2011

RT @ppk: New blog post: Dart; or Why JavaScript has already won
Warning: states only the bloody obvious.

September 2011

also, photo series on now use smooth scroll pageup/down effect similar to my work for @nrc inbeeld

JavaScript Garden, growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of JavaScript programming language:

July 2011

RT @mahemoff: Web Developer CVs in 2011: "I know many programming languages: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Kaffeine, Coco, Harmony, JS.Next"

September 2000

Nice combination of technologies: Scorched Earth, the old tank game, rewritten in PHP3/DHTML. (part of

Fisticuffs, cool flash manga animation.