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May 2009

perspective retrospective

September 2006



June 2006

Museumpark construction

May 2006

Nederlands Architectuurinstituut entrance

backwards shot

backwards shot

April 2006

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parking garage

parking garage
daylight seeping in from up high...

March 2006

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
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I looked for a quiet place near the end of the platform to sit down and unpack and try out the new 1GB XD memory card that I bought at the Saturn outside of the trainstation. This photo is one of the more surprising results from clicking a couple of times in random directions to see if the card worked - since my E550's viewscreen is busted, I have no instant (p)review.

February 2006

parking lot

wooden path

July 2005

rotterdam perspective

May 2005

February 2005

May 2003

February 2003

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