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July 2008

June 2006

going down

going down
this one is fun to scroll around in at full res...

Museumpark construction

May 2006


inner window

inner window



April 2006


Duisburg gate

shadow kickboxing
the ancient chinese art of shadow kickboxing

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little giraffe

little giraffe
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this turned out a surprisingly nice composition, for what was just a quick shot from the hip while walking...

March 2006

Hamburg pigeon

Hamburg pigeon
I made a (train)trip to Hamburg this weekend to meet a couple of internet friends. Here's one of the more eye-catching shots I found while doing a first quick browse through the 500 photos I shot during the past three days - lots more to follow later, of course.

February 2006

white cat

December 2005

dove on fence

November 2005

leafy hanging branch

red and green

September 2005

binnenhof airco

binnenhof airco

August 2005

blue container

July 2005


June 2005

Station Delft path

April 2005

February 2005

January 2005

chain link fence

chain link fence

August 2004

photo: green lined fence

June 2004

my name in chalk

Wow... Don't see that very often.
Having a relatively uncommon name means that when I see it it's usually because I wrote it or it refers to me. But apparently I'm not the only Milo in my neighborhood. :)

November 2003


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May 2003

March 2003

station delft again...

December 2002

April 2002

/photos/020422_cat.jpg - giving me a nasty look
/photos/020422_cat2.jpg - bye!