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June 2007

Bridge of Aspiration

London skyway
'Bridge of Aspiration' skyway above Floral Street in Covent Garden, London. Connects the Royal Ballet School to the Royal Opera House.

August 2006

balancing act

balancing act
I was just doing some Rotterdam photoexploring when I spotted this guy confidently and repeatedly walking back and forth by himself on the narrow sidewalk railing along the water.

May 2006

Wijnhaven bridge

Wijnhaven bridge

Willemsbrug graffiti

April 2006

Erasmus Bridge

December 2005

photo: spooky 2am find

spooky 2am find

June 2005

new bridge

October 2002

Oh my pixels! They built a new bridge in Wateringse Veld, with these amazing bright blue lights in its pillars serving no apparent purpose other than making the whole thing look real damn cool...

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July 2002