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January 2006

icy sunrise

December 2005

seagulls clouds

a little afternoon rooftop guitar playing

soundtrack: José González - Heartbeats

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November 2005

plant and clouds

dark sky 2

dark sky
and here's the opposite view of the photo below

October 2005

ladybug on the roof

ladybug on the roof

sunset reflection

sunset reflection

August 2005

station rijswijk pyramid


July 2005

shell rijswijk entrance

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In de buurt van Station Rijswijk.

June 2005

new bridge

May 2005

This kind of vertical lensflare always disappears when taking photos in regular photo mode, but by making a movie clip and grabbing one frame, I was able to capture it.

September 2004

unusual streetlights somewhere in Rijswijk

August 2004

view from train window

photo: green lined fence

wavey reflection of sun and fence

July 2004

setting sun

June 2004

tree and sunset

April 2004

train window

October 2003


Some things I saw today:

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September 2003


building and sun

August 2003


reiger silhouet

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July 2003

June 2003

same sun, same bottle as before.

May 2003

April 2003


March 2003