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November 2011

Lichtjes Bazaar, Utrecht

"Voor Jou", Lichtjes Bazaar, Utrecht

night shooting with Samyang 85mm f/1.4 lens

night shooting with Samyang 85mm f/1.4

March 2011

Flickr Rotterdam Meetup, March 2011

Flickr Rotterdam Meetup

August 2009

Rotterdam nightshots

July 2009

Den Haag by night

Den Haag

February 2008

secret garden

secret garden
Kraków, October 2007

January 2008

London fish

December 2007

Binnenhof by night

Binnenhof by night

October 2007

kermis op De Dam

August 2006

The Hague nightshot

The Hague nightshot

July 2006

bar laptop


This mystery photo was all black when I first opened it... Applying the Equalize filter revealed this pattern.

May 2006

failed nightshot

failed nightshot
The result of tipping the camera over, catching it and trying to steady it again, all during a 15 second exposure.

April 2006

bar lights

zebra clock

rotterdam lights
(click to view big)
Took a couple of shots of this view; one of them (this one) turned out a little blurry, giving it a nice atmospheric analog feel.

February 2006

construction crane

January 2006

blurry flock of lights

IFFR day 3

pathé nightshot
Didn't have anything planned for today (most interesting films were sold out and most non-sold-out films didn't seem interesting), but decided at the last minute to attend the Nagasaki Shunichi interview in the Schouwburg, which inspired me to go and see his Heart, Beating in the Dark (new version), which turned out to be pretty good.

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rotterdam nightshot
Weena at night, waiting at the new trafficlight.

rotterdam nightshot
Hartmansstraat looking at Karel Doormanstraat.

blurry lights

nightshot road


snow lights

December 2005


photo: spooky 2am find

spooky 2am find

November 2005

westblaak traffic

flame blur

office windows at night

office windows at night

October 2005

bus window

tripod shadow

blurry v

August 2005

evening cloud