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October 2012

Hold Close, comic by Ingrid Tan (via hold_close_by_ingridtan/ )

July 2012

RT @ZachWeiner: Physics vs. Math

voor het eerst geleerd hoe Suske en Wiske in het Engels heten

February 2012

RT @esheepcomix: New comic: THE FIRST WORD, a Flintpunk saga of sex, drugs, & global climate change:

September 2009

Covered - Classic comic book covers remixed by artists [via]

July 2009

Fancy People Adventures

March 2009

The Official Creebobby Comics Archetype Times Table [via]

July 2008

Sean Tevis - Running for Office, XKCD Style [related]

July 2007

200 Bad Comics [more] [via]

June 2006

extensive Wikipedia entry on Penny Arcade, one of my favourite webcomics [related]

February 2006

Penny Arcade - Cost Cutting Measures

improving Garfield comics by removing all the text of Garfield's speech

December 2005

I Guess - a comic by Chris Ware [via]

October 2005

25 Great Calvin & Hobbes Strips [via]

August 2005

Donald Duck Dossier - alle Donald Duck covers van 1952 tot 2005 [via]

April 2005, the comic [via]

February 2005 comics and drawings [via]

November 2004

PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi [via]

September 2004

We3 looks like a cool comic book [via]

An Interview With Drew (Who Likes to Draw) and His Sister Natalie (Who Also Likes to Draw)

August 2004

Irregular Webcomic! [via]

July 2004

Gamer's Edge: Book of Application; online comic inspired by Acts of Gord

May 2004

"Your star burns! I require frozen treats."

April 2004 - The Penny Arcade Remix Project - Japanese students create their own versions of Penny Arcade comics for an English class. [via I Love Everything]

July 2003

Acts of Gord: now also in comic form.

May 2003

Captain Cursor and His Cursor Styles - from this Webmonkey article dated 23 Sep 1997.

December 2002

"oo! that lucky ducky!" [via owillis]


Yay, my Bob the Angry Flower book arrived!

November 2002

Reading Slow Wave dreamtoons (again).

Two Grand Theft Auto parodies:
- Grand Theft Winona at The Joy of Tech
- Grand Theft America at Bob the Angry Flower - 'de bots' - deel 1 van een nieuwe cartoonreeks. [via Karma Universe]

Minimum Security - online comic. Love the facial expressions in the last panel of this one. [via Guide to ease]

October 2002

BnF - Exhibition in images - Masters of the European Comic Strip [via plep]

August 2002

Day After the Day of the Tentacle! - a comic featuring characters from the classic Day of the Tentacle adventure game. [via]

Barracuda: The Scotty Zaccharine Story - new weekly strip at [via Boing Boing]

July 2002

The Joy of Tech! comic: Wil Wheaton's Run

This Modern World 1991 Archive - surprisingly topical.

May 2002

More comics!
- Hackles
- The Joy of Tech!
- Penny Arcade

Also, Web Comics Awareness 2002.

Fansite and FAQ for the Pokey the Penguin comic. [via BrainLog]

March 2002

Hackles: RTFM

February 2002

Slow Wave - short comics based on people's dreams. [via Mooselessness]

January 2002

electric sheep comix: The Spiders

November 2001

Storm, Roodhaar en Nomad.

October 2001 has some new stuff up.

September 2001

And, on that same site: Milo(!) the Hamster comics.

August 2001

Lots of links to online comics in this Slashdot discussion. [via Linkmachinego]

Safety tips from Anubis
[on, originally found at]

July 2001

Reading some more of The Matrix comics online...

Penny Arcade comic about the SirCam virus

Dilbert is communist propaganda? (with illustrations) [via]

Isometric Comics [via Apathy]

Note-to-self: Read Zot! and the other comics at [via Onnoot]

Metafilter thread on web comics...

June 2001

Scanned Transformers Comics [via]