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December 2012

RT @newsyc20: The In-game Economics of Ultima Online (1999) ( #trending #guru

Portal's physics engine rebuilt in 25KB—on a graphing calculator

Super Mario Beads 3, fun stop-motion video (via )

November 2012

RT @ironicsans: Move your joystick to the top left and press a button. Now move it to the bottom right and press a button. Now center it and press a button.

June 2012

js wolf3d has the most awesome css spritesheets: png ls-shaded/64/walls.png ites/128/002_053.png

May 2012

categorizing different ways to implement 2d platform games -platformers/ (via )

Accuracy takes power: one man's 3GHz quest to build a perfect SNES emulator hz-quest-to-build-a-perfect-snes-emulator/

Wolfenstein 3D 20th anniversary director's commentary with John Carmack

April 2012

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner received a fan letter from John Romero in 1985 (via @nvh)

December 2011

RT @fabynou: Another World Code Review:

September 2011

The 3D Software Rendering Technology of 1998's Thief: The Dark Project

September 2009

Magweasel - Hidden messages in 8-bit japanese NES game ROMs [via]

August 2009

May 2009

Text Adventure - typography in video games [via]

December 2008

I Get Your Fail - epic failures in the game development field

Edge Online - The Making of... Dune II [via]

August 2008

SYMLINK.DK - Montezuma's Revenge maps [via]

April 2008

DadHacker - Donkey Kong and Me [more] [via]

January 2008

Best Freeware Games of '07 [via]

July 2007

Monkey Island - Der Flash Film [related] [via]

January 2007

Why Super Nintendos Lose Their Color: Plastic Discoloration in Classic Machines [via]

October 2006

August 2006

National Politics within Virtual Game Worlds: The Case of China [via]

July 2006

stop-motion SPACE INVADERS animation using people as pixels [via]

June 2006

Wikipedia - Shoot 'em up games

March 2006

Ray Tobey on developing the PC game Budokan for Electronic Arts

December 2005

8-bit retro video for Dealership's "Forest" [via]

Google Video - best Street Fighter comeback ever

November 2005

The Escapist - well-designed weekly online gaming magazine [via]

October 2005

It's Another World at Binary Bonsai [via]

Videogame Aesthetics essay [via]

Edge Online on the history of Space Invaders and other Taito Legends

September 2005

bug in update to EA's Madden NFL game shrinks player to seven inches tall [via] Video Games that break the fourth wall in interesting ways

the heaven of animals: and then i saw the monsters [via]

SEGA's Yuji Naka visits a German hedgehog sanctuary with Sonic [via]

June 2005

A Gamers' Manifesto [via]

March 2005

Ten unmissable examples of New Games Journalism [via]

February 2005

UCSC Engineering Building Gets an 8bit Upgrade [via]

Gamekings afleveringen in Divx formaat
Update: hmm, blijkbaar offline

Maarrr.. verhuisd naar TMF zijn er nu gelukkig wel weer afleveringen streamend te zien via

Update 2:

November 2004

DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS

October 2004

1972 Rolling Stone article on Spacewar [via]

Star Wars Kid in Tony Hawk Underground 2 [via [via]]

September 2004

openMSX emulator

C:DOS Community Hall of Fame

John Carmack .plan archive in weblog form [via]

August 2004

Liberated Games [via]

this Ati Catalyst 4.9 beta driver really sped things up

July 2004

Gamer's Edge: Book of Application; online comic inspired by Acts of Gord

Revenge of the Tattooed Nerds [via]

all Super Mario World backgrounds [via]

Classic Gamer, free .pdf magazine [via]

October 2003

Legal Abandonware - collection of classic PC games for download. Best game of the lot might be Beneath a Steel Sky; I actually bought the diskette version of this adventure game in 1994, now I can try the speech-enhanced CD version.

Been spending a lot of time in Hellendoorn lately...

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July 2002 - The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar

Halcyon Days: Interviews with Classic Computer and Video Game Programmers [via]

February 2001

Doom Garden - If you've ever played Doom, you might remember the mountainous skymap from some of the early levels. This is an original photograph of the actual mountains. Part of Doom Alphas and Betas. [via Wouterd]

December 2000

History of Commander Keen [via Blue's News]

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