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February 2012

wel grappig hoe @Google de link "dismiss" (sluiten) steevast als "afwijzen" vertaalt, in die privacy popupjes die maar niet wegblijven...

June 2007

The Google Book, By V.C. Vickers, 1913

September 2006

Phishing Exploit Discovered in Google Public Search Service - be suspicious of any url [via]

January 2006

Google's statistics on most-used HTML tags and classes [via]

December 2005

8-bit retro video for Dealership's "Forest" [via]

November 2005 features doodles drawn by kids this week

spot the html errors in this Google Analytics example screenshot [via]

July 2005

Simon Willison: Dissecting the Google Firefox Toolbar

June 2005

Google Maps mixes up Belgium and The Netherlands (but only at this zoom-level) [via]

May 2005

Google Web Accelerator and web app 'delete' hrefs are a dangerous combination [related] [via]

April 2005


December 2004

Proof of Concept New Google Suggest Extension for Firefox [via]

Adam Stiles: Hacking Google Suggest [via]

November 2004

July 2001