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March 2012

RT @jedschmidt: a fan this trick i learned from #JS1K: stick figure sprites in three bytes of hangul: 옷

November 2007

Polyglot Vegetarian: Hangul Day [via]

January 2006


Two old habits that I apparently still haven't lost: writing my name everywhere and playing with my food. Here's an arrangement of tiny chocolate particals aka "hagelslag" forming my name and approximations of my name in both Japanese katakana and Korean hangul characters. Tasty...

Hong's Hangul Pronunciation Conversion - handy tool for generating Korean characters

October 2005

Language Log: Hangul Day [via]

September 2005

Roman-to-Hangul Conversion Service - handy for generating Korean characters (with info in Japanese, funnily enough)

Update: try Hong's Hangul Conversion Tool, with English instructions.

December 2004

Korean Alphabet Tutorial - surprisingly easy to grok [via]