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September 2009

flipping typical - a way to explore the popular typefaces you have on your computer [via]

December 2008

Taskix - Reorder buttons in your Windows taskbar - unlike my old favourite Taskbar Shuffle, Taskix does have a version that works on Windows XP x64, yay. [via]

October 2008 [via]

Copy Paste Character

August 2006 Japanese -> English Dictionary [via]

Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator [via]

July 2006

flickrInspector - generate a handy one-page overview and some statistics for any Flickr stream [via]

May 2006

Mari - diary: Which web translation is the smartest? comparison of Japanese-to-English translate bots [via]

February 2006

Six degrees of Wikipedia [via]

January 2006

Hong's Hangul Pronunciation Conversion - handy tool for generating Korean characters

September 2005

Roman-to-Hangul Conversion Service - handy for generating Korean characters (with info in Japanese, funnily enough)

Update: try Hong's Hangul Conversion Tool, with English instructions.

BabelMap - freeware Unicode character map utility for Windows [via]

Typetester - Compare fonts for the screen [via]

June 2005

February 2005

Webperf URL Breakdown [via]

October 2004

jslint: The JavaScript Verifier [via]

January 2003