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September 2011

Haagse Bos

June 2006

serrated leaf

May 2006

waterdrops on leaf

giant waterdroplet

raindrop on violet

waterdrops on leaf

April 2006

little giraffe

little giraffe
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this turned out a surprisingly nice composition, for what was just a quick shot from the hip while walking...


February 2006


November 2005

leafy hanging branch

rainy leaf on window

waterdrops on plant leaf

waterdrops on plant leaf

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July 2005

water droplets on leaf 2

water droplets on leaf

May 2005


This is the same leaf that I scanned in and used as a background image in this design five years(!) ago (the template is broken but you get the idea, I hope).

December 2003

September 2002


August 2002