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September 2012

do not disturb

June 2012

寝る猫と遊びたい猫(The cat which sleeps・・・):

May 2012

shaun and poek

shaun and poek

January 2012

leuke kaart van de dierenarts

leuke kaart van de dierenarts

December 2011



June 2009

April 2009

tweenbots | kacie kinzer [via]

January 2007

a Simpsons-style drawing of Totoro [via]

August 2006

follow mom

the cutest thing I saw this week

April 2006

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little giraffe

little giraffe
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this turned out a surprisingly nice composition, for what was just a quick shot from the hip while walking...

March 2006

YouTube - Kitty & Rooster, Weird Friendship.

February 2006

November 2005

June 2005

Korean childrens' cute but scary anti-Japan drawings [via]

May 2005

hiding behind mama duck

April 2005

let's stick together

These shy kids hatched from a single nest in our backyard. I have a picture of their proud mom as well.

August 2004

April 2002