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December 2012

rainy sunday

October 2012

splish splash

May 2012

De Rotte

De Rotte

June 2008

water droplet on leaf

June 2006


watch your step

watch your step


NAI ducks

May 2006

waterdrops on leaf

giant waterdroplet

raindrop on violet

waterdrops on leaf


coot family
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Four days after getting my GR Digital, I finally got a 2GB SD card... so that means no more shooting at 1MP resolution on the internal 26MB memory!

The standard 8MP high-res mode is 3264x2448 (4:3), but I'm liking the optional 3:2 resolution of 3264x2176, it seems to suit the wide-angle lens well.

first gr digital post!

I got myself a new camera, the unique Ricoh GR Digital. I've been eyeing this thing for months, reading tons of reviews and viewing the hundreds of photos on Flickr tagged with grdigital.

First thoughts: looks and feels really cool in a retro way, quite slim and light, macro mode is awesome. Now to take it outside in the sun and test it some more...

April 2006


March 2006

coot in snow

December 2005

hoek van holland silhouette
Still more Hoek van Holland photos to come... I like how I can walk somewhere for one hour sometimes and end up with a week's worth of great shots.


seagulls clouds

seagulls on pipeline


swan and heron

November 2005

leaves on water


waterdrops on plant leaf

waterdrops on plant leaf

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lettered footprint

lettered footprint

October 2005

shopping cart and goose

sunset reflection

sunset reflection


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September 2005


sunny path

August 2005

blurry ducks

drinking pigeon

drinking pigeon


yes, that's how you'll look when you're older / how you used to look when you were young

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