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April 2006 (continued)

da da


parking garage

parking garage
daylight seeping in from up high...

March 2006


Duisburg hauptbahnhof

Duisburg hbf1

Hamburg hbf5

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Hamburg S-Bahn

February 2006

blue bottle

January 2006

blurry flock of lights

IFFR day 3

pathé nightshot
Didn't have anything planned for today (most interesting films were sold out and most non-sold-out films didn't seem interesting), but decided at the last minute to attend the Nagasaki Shunichi interview in the Schouwburg, which inspired me to go and see his Heart, Beating in the Dark (new version), which turned out to be pretty good.

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big IFFR tiger

big IFFR tiger
My current to-see list of movies playing at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (though I doubt I'll actually manage to see them all):

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rotterdam nightshot
Weena at night, waiting at the new trafficlight.

rotterdam nightshot
Hartmansstraat looking at Karel Doormanstraat.

camera shadow

volumetric shadow

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nightshot road


snow lights

December 2005


finding the light

pink cube reflection

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November 2005

westblaak traffic

new desklight

flame blur

sunlight hits the Gojūon

sunlight hits the Gojūon
I pasted a katakana table (gojūon or 'fifty sound' ordering) to the right and a hiragana table to the left of my monitor a while ago, helps me a little when deciphering certain short bits of Japanese text. Plus it looks kinda neat when the sun hits it a certain way.

red and green

bus seats

bus seats

October 2005

bus window

station rijswijk blur

rotterdam streetlights


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September 2005

train window

rotterdam silhouettes

blurry building

August 2005

mutated ikea lamp