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March 2010 - free download of Phoenix 'Live In Sydney' album

Having fun exploring this 5GB collection of free SXSW 2010 mp3s - nice to see Balmorhea's "Bowsprit" is in there too.

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June 2006

U B U W E B :: S O U N D

January 2006

I finally gave some of these Ricky Gervais podcasts a listen - they're great! [via]

December 2005

have been listening to this all weekend: Konono No.1 - Paradiso [related] [via]

October 2005

High Rise mp3s at

September 2005 - Music Makes You Lose Your Scale (a mashup)

August 2005 (don't miss my theme tune)

July 2005

The White Stripes at Glastonbury mp3s [via] Releases - with mp3/ogg downloads [via]