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December 2012

glitch gifs

RT @blauereiter: The Animated ‘GIF-iti’ of INSA via @Colossal

Super Mario Beads 3, fun stop-motion video (via )

November 2012

Studio Ghibli Gifs (via @thisfatzoo )

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp (gif) (via p/ )

Data Pointed - Animated Factorization diagrams/ (via )

October 2012

RT @newsyc20: Conway's Game of Life, using floating point values ins ( via @icey #trending #guru

July 2012

June 2012

Personal Space Invaders

April 2012

The Simpsons opener by Bill Plympton (via @catsuka)

March 2012

Smears, Multiples and Other Animation Gimmicks (via @shauninman)

February 2012

RT @twholman: Nick Kwiatek's has a sweet ASCII fluid systems going on here - - (wiggle the mouse around). via @nkwiatek + @ahmattox

April 2009

YouTube - History of the Internet told using PICOL icons
[related] [via]

March 2009

Slagsmålsklubben - reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, in Röyksopp Remind Me style

February 2009 - Robin Hood's Oo De Lally Translated Into 13 Languages [via]

January 2009

Vimeo - "Story from North America" by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore

December 2008

Galactic Mail on Vimeo

August 2008

David OReilly's iHologram gives the illusion of a 3d hologram jumping off the iPhone screen [more]

July 2008

something new - a bit of fun with border-style: dashed;.
Exact rendering depends on browser model and window size. Warning: hypnotizing!

May 2008

MUTO by BLU - an ambiguous animation painted on public walls [more] [via]

Christiaan Postma - Clock [more] [via]

April 2008

Twinkle - split screen, nice bit of JS <canvas> hackery by P01 [related] [more]

March 2008 Awards - Nominees [via]

February 2008

POVRay Short Code Contest #5 - The animation round!
[related] [related] [via]

November 2007

waterlollies - flash animation by Adam Phillips [more] [via]

Google Video - How to turn a sphere inside-out [via]

August 2007

TYGER - a short film

July 2007

Monkey Island - Der Flash Film [related] [via]

October 2006

Wooster Collective: Bonom in Brussels (video) [via]

September 2006

Twitch - overview/reviews of Studio 4C animation shorts [via]

August 2006

Boing Boing: Animation historians blast SF Chron movie critic

July 2006

Oliver Laric - 787 Cliparts (Quicktime) [more] [via]

Virtual Replay - 3D-animated replays of all World Cup goals [via]

May 2006

Elephant's Dream - impressive 3D short movie, made with the open source modelling app Blender. Always nice to see displays of great technical skill and reasonably good taste; this could have been a lot worse. [torrent here] [via]

April 2006

wonderful animated video for Nizlopi's JCB Song, by Monkeehub [related]

March 2006

600th(!) present at blend [via] - flash and shockwave works - crafting new computational calligraphies [via]

December 2005

Badly Drawn Boy - Year of the Rat video

August 2005

Aeon Flux Original Animated Series DVD to be released in November (don't miss my theme tune)

May 2005

Designline - A Design Timeline animation

January 2005

The Ward-O-Matic: The Polar Express: A Virtual Train Wreck [related] [via]

December 2004

Recursive picture animation tutorial [via]

November 2004

stencil graffiti animation [via]

June 2004

DARK FURY: an animated Chronicles of Riddick prequel by Peter Chung [via]

October 2003

Pinguim Azul - Pinguins azuis em animes


Heb weer eens een stokje (zie 607) aangereikt gekregen, van Niels ditmaal. I'm supposed to talk about the most recent dvd I watched. Which is, not surprisingly, one of the Cowboy Bebop dvds, specifically episode #9 on disc 2, 'Jamming With Edward'.

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September 2003

Now that I've (re)watched almost all Cowboy Bebop eps on DVD, I like to freeze-frame through the episodes, making screenshots of interesting scenes.

Here are some frames from ep 18 (the one where Spike and Jet search the solar system for a Betamax video player) that I pasted together to form one vertical panorama:

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August 2003

Yay, my Cowboy Bebop: Complete Sessions Collection arrived! With one purchase I now have all 26 episodes, spread over 6 DVDs. Danelope pointed out this offer a while ago, and reading a nice Cowboy Bebop post on Smirlogg made me finally decide to buy it. This is (very close to being) my favourite tv series ever, animated or otherwise.

I've seen all eps in Divx format before, but it's definitely worth watching them all again in high quality, for the amazing background art if anything. The discs are Region 1 but luckily I region-free-hacked both my dvd-player and dvd-drive.

Related entry: 1134
And screenshots: 2305

July 2003

Lightness Demonstrations - flash anims of optical illusions. [via this Metafilter thread]

June 2003


May 2003

GORKI - De Olifant Is Grijs (Quicktime) - video by FonzTeeVee. [via Anil Dash]

112 - marble
for you; something to stare at...

April 2003

We Are Robots: Robokopf - Flash anim. [via]

February 2003

Some interesting/fun animes I have been discovering lately:

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: series of 22-minute episodes based on the movie. Action is sparse but very slick.

Hellsing: royal vampire hunters. A bit heavy on the gothic imagery...

Hoshi No Koe: beautiful short story, apparently a one-man project.

Read or Die: superhero librarian girl saves the world!

Wolf's Rain: wolves with attitude disguised as humans in an undetermined futuristic city. Also some mythological stuff going on.

January 2003

pointBLANK Anime Reviews - HIHO!
"Outstanding is the only word that comes to mind... to create something truly so great, perfection had to be found, and more so, reached. Panasonic truly knew what they were doing, and it shows with every scene."

"What can be added that hasn´t already been said about one of the most profound animes of our time? ... One doesn´t watch HIHO!, one experiences it."

To experience HIHO! yourself, click the links below the 'Is it available?' header...

December 2002 - europa - "ice-skating with my baby" (Java applet)

August 2002

"Move your feet" - fun pixel art music video! [via Sylloge]

July 2002 shooting film in virtual reality [via]

. eonic . visualization plugin for winamp [via]
Update: hmm, seems to be offline.

Animation World Magazine: Waking Life and Liquid Caricature [via Metafilter]

May 2002

Interactive webcat - awww... [via]

April 2002

waferbaby » pixhell [via] - pretty looping flash-animated short stories without words (well, without English words, anyway).

What's this... Alambik Viewer. Seems to be a Flash-like plugin specialising in demoscene effects - even copperbars... ;)
Note: clicking the link will prompt you to install the (1MB) plugin.

March 2002

FilePile : - Endut! Hoch Hech! (3)

February 2002

'ONE: A Space Odyssey' in LEGO. Also: The Making of. [via synthetic zero]

Pat this Cat (Flash anim) [via Low]

December 2001

Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921 [via Boing Boing]

October 2001

Cooking with Bigfoot - Flash cartoons with celebrity gueststars. Great animation and voice talent. [via] "Still busy. In the meantime, please enjoy the following ascii movie:"

September 2001

The Terrible Secret of Space - a flash music video I remember seeing before, about 6 months ago. Somewhat all-your-base-ish (but not in a bad way). [via Low]

August 2001

...---..--.-..---..-.-........--.-. [via]

July 2001

Little Ninja already has 4 chapters online! Better catch up... [via Knight XIII]