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December 2012

RT @AlexanderNL: LOL RT @pvdp: .@Wout_r: 'Ik ben altijd connected' :) (Ik wil er twee!

RT @neave: Very silly :)

IKERA (via @skwirrol )


RT @jonsterling: Excellent. A randomly generated Hacker News parody. I challenge you to be able to tell the difference:

DevOps Reactions (via @xiffy )

RT @serafinowicz: Who else is shaving their hairline for Recember?

November 2012

RT @brucel: RT @AndrewBloch: Susan Boyle might want to have a word with her social media team - #susanalbumparty does not read well as a hashtag

RT @JoelSutherland: How responsive web designers imagine user behavior:

Being retweeted by Chris Hutchinson means getting twitter notifications that say "Learn more about @christ". Hah.

Windows 95 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks (via @rob_dodson)

Tales from the trenches - 'did no one else think the Watermelon was nice?’

Prison Break

RT @thelancearthur: When I feel lacking in negativity, surliness, egocentrism or general assholishness, I count on website comments to bring it all back home!

Facebook face detection works on statues too.. sadly I forgot her name

RT @xiffy: RT @paulvanbuuren: Mitt Romney. (oder Ohne)

RT @aRealLiveGhost: you have the right to remain silent and quirky and curious and introspective. wait these are your miranda july rights

October 2012

RT @MrJonathanKing: Actor, Sean Astin: "Where is the light coming from if it's meant to be completely dark?" DP, Andrew Lesnie: "Same place as the music"

NS plaatst oortjes

When in git - animated gifs for git users:

RT @xiffy: haha, de jongens en meisjes van spelen weer met foto-crops

September 2012

RT @quarkness: Is ie dan! De markov-generated Troonrede 2012! #troonrede #prinsjesdag

RT @DeReactiegraaf: *Haalt diep adem*

" also went down as thousands of people rushed to check whether their web sites were affected " night

RT @waxpancake: Added my Daily Dot interview to Google Calendar. Ended up with "Dot interview" on my calendar, repeated every day, forever.

Bert & Ernie reenact the ending of Breaking Bad S05E08

RT @spatiegebruik: Ik heb vannacht een vreselijke nachtmerrie gehad... ik zag overal logo's met onjuiste spaties! Brrr.

RT @patrickarink: Eend met kuikens steekt snelweg over. Daar krijg je dan deze toepasselijke VVD-advertentie bij.

RT @troyhunt: Reddit's response headers still crack me up: <- wonder if they've snared anyone?!

RT @vandenb: Ringtones op deze afdeling: geen. Ik zit bij nerds, en nerds bellen niet. Klein paradijsje.

RT @ebertchicago: The best internet cat video ever made. Winner of the Cat Video Festival:

August 2012


catching up to a whole lot of @Herring1967's Edinburgh Fringe Podcasts (RHEFP!)

buurman wordt gebeten door eigen, doorgaans rustige, vogeltjes. "au! au! pas op he! dat mag niet! waag het!"

July 2012

RT @codinghorror: who said the iPad can't be used to create art that touches the very soul of a man? (via @jzy)

RT @ZachWeiner: Physics vs. Math

Meeuw via @nrc

RT @StartupLJackson: I question the credibility of anyone who still identifies as a "social media expert." They clearly don't see what we're saying about them.

RT @quarkness: Moup - De hardstwerkende columnist buiten de grachtengordel.

RT @mikko: - "Hey, could you fix this Debian server which is crashing because of the leap second bug?"

- "Sure, just give me a second..."

June 2012

RT @martenmantel: Instagram is down dus ik schud nu in paniek mensen op straat door elkaar terwijl ik ze smeek te zeggen hoe hun ontbijt er van boven uitzag.

watch out, behind you!

watch out, behind you! #metro #vandaag

RT @sgalineau: This is how I write test assertions #testtwf

寝る猫と遊びたい猫(The cat which sleeps・・・):

Personal Space Invaders

"Het meest droeve is de bedoeling dat het ironie was."! RT @quarkness: Op veler verzoek, een nieuwe Moup!

RT @serafinowicz: Me: Am I still a gambling addict?
Doctor: You bet.

RT @quarkness: Eerste poging om column van Youp voortaan automatisch te genereren. slag/ #winning

RT @bergopolis: "Luke..."

Hamlet the Mini Pig goes down the stairs via @skwirrol

RT @ngauthier: needed: `console.console()` which would have the browser console print out a message comforting the developer.

RT @grumpygamer: Crap. I just generated a GUID I didn't end up using. I feel bad.

May 2012

RT @nedbat: Were you shocked by Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? So were these DBAs: #sql #dorks

RT @davegillen: "I can cast out either one of your demons, but not both of them." — the XORcist.

shaun and poek

shaun and poek

RT @DeSpeld: Mensenfluisteraar ingezet bij ontruiming Ter Apel g-ter-apel/

"Give me a break, Gosling!" n-fcking-gosling.php

RT @waxpancake: Sometimes, you see a personal homepage so good—no, revelatory—that you realize your last ten years were in vain.

RT @onzetaal: #taalkronkel Eerste druk Darwin lag jarenlang op toilet (ANP, via Onze Taal Taalkalender)

RT @sgalineau: This srcset thing has certainly made a lot of people very responsive #seewhatididthere

OH in the train: "M'n email was gehackt ofzo." "Heb je dan soms op zo'n site geklikt?" "Straks heeft het hele ziekenhuis een virus."

mooie autotranslate fail RT @sterestherster: Bij LycaMobile heet "mei 2012" "kan 2012" :)

RT @paulrouget:

RT @romancortes: In the mid 90s, the average website took 30 seconds to load. Currently, thanks to high speed internet, it only takes half a minute

RT @martenmantel: RT @simonthegarcon: Ho's op de schwans want ik lijk op junior kraaij hans.

April 2012

rollin' with T-WOG$.. @serafinowicz presents Terry Wogan's Secret Pirate Radio:

RT @robdelaney: Now that Facebook bought Instagram, "The Social Network 2" will have to be directed by Wes Anderson.

RT @Vernoeming: De moeder van mevrouw Poepjes-Poepjes was mevrouw Poepjes-de Hoop ent-5739

March 2012

RT @tomcoates: I've been designing for iOS devices too long when the first thing I think when I hear 40% better saturation is "our apps will look weird"

February 2012

RT @AlexanderNL: LOLblog over QR-codes

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