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December 2009 - Cymatic Ferrofluid [via]

September 2009

Platonic Solids [via]

April 2008

White Glove Tracking - isolating Michael Jackson's white glove in all 10,060 frames of his nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean - and then visualizing the data in fun ways! [via]

February 2008

Game Mod - graphic design students tweak the output of the game Breakout, using Processing [related] [via]

March 2006 - crafting new computational calligraphies [via]

April 2005

Processing 1.0 (BETA) [via]

November 2004

Setpixel // Index [via]

September 2004

cinema redux: films distilled to one single image [via]

June 2004

ODYSSEY - Universele kleurenklok [via]

November 2003 - a starry mouse-driven snowflake generator of sorts, made with Processing. Simply drag your mouse over the applet and watch the patterns form. (But don't stare at it for too long or you'll see it every second you close your eyes; believe me, I know.)

I'm so used to thinking in layers (dhtml mindset) that it's always a nice surprise to be able to move thousands of pixels around in a Java environment.

Pixel Snow at - a real-time video tracking program coded on the Processing environment to create a simulation of snowing. [via Low]