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March 2008

PixelMachine - Building a Ray-Tracing 3D Renderer from Scratch Over a Weekend [via]

February 2008

POVRay Short Code Contest #5 - The animation round!
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November 2007

ASCII by Jason Scott: The Render Junkie - about the early days of raytracing [via]

May 2005

May 2004

POVRay Fractal Raytracing Contest

March 2004

POVRay Short Code Contest - scene files of 256 bytes or less for the POVRay raytracer. [via Metafilter]

October 2003

The Javascript Raytracer has been expanded quite a bit since we last saw it... now you can even use it to build your own custom scenes (see the extensive Help-section).

May 2003

112 - marble
for you; something to stare at...

April 2003

I like Friedrich Lohmueller's abstract raytraced artworks... especially the Loops (with pov source files and tutorial).

Revisiting the snowflake theme, in POV-Ray. Source file here.

A random path of large and small cylinders, evenly rotated around the y-axis six times and mirrored to form a symmetrical snowflake.

Trying out texture options, I stumbled upon normal { facets size 2 }, which turns the smooth cylinders into these neat crystal-like shapes; makes me want to reach into the monitor and grab the whole thing, spin it around, feel its weight...

Past snowflake inspired experiments:
- DHTML snowflake generator
- Java-based snowflake generator

Continuing my self-imposed no-photos-for-one-week rule, I decided to rediscover POV-Ray (freeware raytracer) a bit. The current version has some features I never tried before, like isosurfaces (this rock is one).

It's still great fun simply placing objects, playing around with shapes/parameters and seeing what happens, especially now that I have a PC that can generate images like this in a couple of seconds. When I first tried POV-Ray ten years ago, scenes like this took two hours to render.

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July 2001

Downloaded a bunch of real-time raytracing demos off of this page. Ooh! Pretty! [via this thread on]