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July 2002 (continued)


June 2002

Much thanks to for choosing this site as their Best of the Cool Daily Pick!

iambald 107 - "out of context"

May 2002

iambald 106

Using dashed borders in dhtml is fun... lots more detail/chaos/motion without adding more divs.

Update: click once to pause (and admire) the pattern. Click again to resume animation.

April 2002 mysql> SELECT LOWER(LEFT(li_title,1)) AS beginletter, COUNT(*) AS count FROM link WHERE li_parent='1' GROUP BY beginletter ORDER BY count DESC;

| beginletter | count |
| b           |    26 |
| t           |    24 |
| m           |    23 |
| s           |    23 |
| p           |    19 |
| l           |    16 |
| a           |    15 |
| d           |    14 |
| e           |    14 |
| w           |    13 |
| c           |    12 |
| g           |    10 |
| i           |     9 |
| h           |     9 |
| f           |     8 |
| o           |     8 |
| r           |     7 |
| v           |     5 |
| j           |     5 |
| n           |     5 |
| u           |     3 |
| q           |     3 |
| k           |     3 |
| y           |     3 |
| z           |     2 |
| x           |     2 |
| 9           |     1 |
| 2           |     1 |
| 0           |     1 |
29 rows in set (0.00 sec)


Ik ben geïnterviewd door!
Almost 6 columns of weblogs now. Finding... too... many... high-quality... sites... argh.

Let's try something...

According to my webserver stats, this site currently averages about 800 visits per day. Now, that's probably an overestimation due to searchengine bots and people clicking thru all 100+ of the pages, but still, that's a lot of people.

And I hardly know any of them, except for the few regular comment- and forumposters. So, if you're reading this (anyone): please add a comment to this entry with your name/location as part of a more 'human' indication of visitor-stats for this site:

Ignore the lower comments, it's nothing but comment spam :)



I made this 5 years(!) ago...

March 2002

103 - dhtml copperbars

Thanx to huphtur for the idea. Try it fullscreen! (sizes are relative to window size)

Also see: dhtml shadebobs, by mados.
filter:Alpha(style=2) is your friend. ^_^



'Unreal Forum Deutschland - komisch...'
wende die maus von links nach rechts bewegst, geht links der balken hoch und runter, wennde die maus hoch und runter bewegst, geht rechst der balken hoch und runter


Looking back... A selection of past entries with ids that are multiples of 100 (and a change to show off my new minimal mod_rewrite-powered permalink url syntax):

Or, open a random entry.

Volgens de Loglijst sta ik nu op drie in de Top 10 van vaakst-updatende weblogs. Klopt niet helemaal, denk ik...

February 2002

Added a 'Search entire site using Google' form (scroll down a bit)...

January 2002

Definitely one to try full-screen... 99

Anybody up for a game of 755 byte Pong? (IE5.5+ required)
How to make playing Pong interesting for 1 player: use vertical mouse motion to control the right paddle, and horizontal motion to control the left. Also, the longer you play, the faster the dot moves.

And yes, 100 is going to be something special...

Okay, you should now be able to post as well as read new comments without leaving the page. Done by simply calling the comments-xml url again, this time passing the details of the new comment to be saved (so no iframe, img-src or cookies necessary).

Another new thing: comments are now loaded by Javascript and appear inline in the current page. So you don't have to leave the page to read the comments for a particular entry (IE-only, right now).
Reference: PPK's Import XML Document tutorial.

The search-box is back! Scroll down a bit to see it...
Also, the string you search for is now highlighted in the results-page (done with Javascript rather than PHP so I don't have to worry about the highlight-code messing up any HTML-tags).

Okay, the instant referrers-list is back, and fast, this time....
Low has a home-made one too, now (click 'metadata').

Remember: if you want to have a referrer list of your own with a minimum of fuss, try Sean Nolan's Link Feedback Javascript tool.

Webserver processor went from 500Mhz to 1.5Ghz.
Avg. php render time of this page is now 0.01 sec... nice!

Top 10 comments-posters on

  143   milov 
   71   23JUL 
   66   low 
   60   huphtur 
   43   pup
   18   jeroen
   17   Raoul
   16   caster
   13   kristoff
    9   Daniel

I improved the behind-the-scenes PHP scripting of this site somewhat (better caching of generated pages etc.) - seems to have made a noticable difference in response time.

New: browse old entries by category - check the archive page (scroll down a bit). Not all past entries have been correctly categorized as of yet, but it's a start.

(You can thank Low for pushing me to get this finished...)

December 2001


'Kleurentest voor Nerds' - Fok Forum ontdekte iambald 62 (aka Know Your Hex). [via old referrers]

Busy redesigning and (partially) rescripting...

My Euro-time calculator is becoming topical again...

We're using iambald 97 here to get inspiration for possible colour schemes to use in a new design (yay professional application of personal web-art!). I noticed it almost completely froze the browser on slightly slower machines - should be better now (thanks to some setTimeout rearranging).

November 2001

[test complete]

Automated latest referrers list (in menucolumn) now shows Google-links as "keyword".


iambald 95
html: 514 bytes - gif: 404 bytes - XHTML 1.0 Strict

Only tested in IE5 and IE6 so far. Take off your glasses (or put some on) for alternate viewing mode.

October 2001

Look ma, no ads! - After three years, I finally decided to pay for my (had little choice anyway, stopped being a free service - ka-ching for them I guess).

Stumbled upon some old placeholder pages:
- hello
- mooved

September 2001

Just found this article at Tiscali Plaza (in Dutch) about my 'Link this page' page. I still feel very weird about having topped Blogdex without even witnessing it myself, considering it was basically a rush-job, built in one afternoon, right before I left.

I'm thinking of rebuilding it somewhat, for various reasons. The current visualization leads one to think it indicates some relation between interconnected sites, when in fact the links are purely random. Also, I'm noticing the onmouseover effects are slowed-down horribly as its getting larger. And I don't like the fact that it grows out of the main window, in a rather boring and 'predictably random' fashion.

So I'll probably try to use the same (still growing) referrer-data to create a different kind of structure, one that doesn't suffer these flaws. Keeping in limited confines, perhaps something using colour variations.

(Here's a graph showing the jump in my website traffic.)

August 2001

Taking into consideration, August 19th was the two-year anniversary of my first weblog-entry.

Those icons to the left are clickable, by the way.

Lots of submitted sites the past few days, check 'm out.

Check it out! 10 new forum posts, all posted today!

I completely forgot it was's third birthday this july! Low remembered, just a little bit too late :-)
Three years, 92 pages, whoa...

July 2001

Just wrote a little script: viacount.php - finds and counts all the [via ...] links in my weblog entries, to satisfy my curiosity about which sites I've swiped the most links from up until now.

And here's the current top five list:
- Alt0169 (13x)
- Metafilter (8x)
- Slashdot (7x)
- Danelope, Zidouta, Low (6x each)
- Memepool (5x)

To do:
- build photogalleryscript
- add tmpl colour chooser
- add _blank option
- add quicklist of special features (colour picker etc.)
- reactivate old comments
- index past entries in categories
- make archive browseable by category
- add metafilter-style entry-excerpts to navlinks
- experiment with xml in php (inspired by Bob)
- experiment with elout's java code samples
- work on secret project
- ...

...and my own personal blogThis! bookmarklet should make blogging almost instantanious (save for the accompanying comments or observations, which I won't try to automate).

I added little prev/next links to each entry, as seen on many a Greymatter site. Should appear in the upper right corner of this column when clicking a 'comment' link.

The orangey look of this template will probably get a bit nauseating some time soon... I'm thinking about scripting in the possibility of user selection of colour schemes (a la Camworld), to add some variety.

Find the easter egg!

D'oh! I forgot to activate my stats-script for this new template! No wonder no other weblogs were showing up in the instant referrer list.

Google has started indexing my forum, getting quite a few hits from people searching for answers to various php- or js-related questions...

May 2001

Zou het me lukken om voor morgen nog een nieuw design in elkaar te knutselen voor de Nationale Omkatdag? Ik zie een groene layout voor me, met klein geletterde tekst, een golvende achtergrond en een lange kolom met links... maar het zal wel weer heel anders worden.

March 2001

For my convenience, the instant-edit-script is back, and it sure looks neat in this new design. Find the hidden link next to the entry-date to get a glimpse of how I edit this site.

I forgot to mention in the list below... If you know of any other dutch weblogs in english, let me know... They seem to be a lot rarer than I thought.

February 2001

't Is me eindelijk gelukt... Voor een fractie van een seconde is geadverteerd op het NOS Journaal van vanavond. Okee, het was eigenlijk een item over de email-actie die voert tegen de nieuwe artiestenregeling, maar m'n banner was toch echt eventjes duidelijk zichtbaar... ^_^

(Als je dit zondagnacht leest kan je het stukje misschien nog voorbij zien komen in de herhalingen van het 20:00 Journaal op Nederland 2.)

Abandoned redesign:

November 2000

I've compiled a new link page using only 88x31 banners. Mostly banners of graphics-sites so far...

If you mouseover some of the banners when using IE5, you'll notice a subtle 'blurring' effect, achieved by the following style sheet definition:

  A:hover IMG { filter:Blur(); }

October 2000

Now that the leafy new design is up and running, I might as well list some of the new and possibly interesting features:

- Larger font-size, looking 'tiny' rather than 'extremely tiny' on the Mac this time.

- Background image is based on an actual scan of a leaf I happened to catch before it dropped to the ground.

- Again, no <table>; main text is positioned by setting margin-left and margin-top of <body>, while menu and title images are floating divs.

- Dynamic mouseover effect for menu, by changing css clip property of an overlayed div based on cursor position. Should work in IE4/IE5, NS4 and Mozilla.

- Novelty scrollbar colours (IE5.5); decreases usability but looks really neat...

Like most people, I've grown accustomed to ignoring banners, but this banner starring the Linux penguin caught my eye...

That reminds me, here's a list of 11 Linux ads and posters made for Penguin Computing: - surely one of the best uses of scanned-in burnt toast as a design element I've ever seen.

It's not quite finished yet, but anyway... here's a little preview of the new design for this site:

Sing along with Radiohead, a collection of Radiohead tracks with the vocals removed. [via kottke]

June 2000

New at 69 is another attempt (following 57) at creating an original way of displaying time using Javascript. This one is interactive (move the mouse)...

Misschien een nieuwe trend: tweetalige urls. Als extra service voor de Nederlandstalige surfers onder u heb ik ervoor gezorgd dat nu ook te bereiken via de url, dankzij de nieuwe redirect-service Meld snel uw eigen site aan, er zijn nog flink wat namen vrij!

('s aanvragen kan overigens uiteraard via

May 2000


April 2000

64 featured in Melbourne newspaper The Age

Monday: I notice a sudden increase in hits to, mostly from Australia. Referrer-stats reveal nothing.

Tuesday: Via the guestbook I find out had been featured in The Age, a Melbourne newspaper, by one Caroline Casey.

Wednesday: Pim at Webkracht happens to know someone in Melbourne, and asks him to look it up.

Friday: After searching thru a pile of newspapers from his neighbours (who are subscribers), Bruce from Melbourne finds, scans and sends me this page.

Instant editing doesn't get any more instant than this. Internet Explorer users can click the little edit-icon to the right of the entry date to switch between edit-view and normal-view.

This blog is now searchable! Search for your favorite keywords, like alt0169, x-men or Fun for hours!

March 2000

This Blog Has Moved
In case you're wondering why this page (at hasn't been updated for ages, it's because the results of my weblogging-activities (if any) now reside on my regular homepage. So jump to for (gasp!) new content.

August 1999

Drag 'n drop! Cool!

Maybe a bit too confusing

July 1999

Finally figured out a way to make the background-image appear correctly at the top-center for both IE and Navigator. Solution: a table at the top with the image as its style.backgroundImage.

Screw the block-menu. It doesn't fit in with the text-only title. Thinking of menu with cute cartoon characters. Or perhaps little icons with rapid-matrix-morphing text tooltips.

Going for simpler, smaller, "squarer" squares. Background is now #FFF0DC #99CC99 - an awesome green.

The small rounded squares look OK, gonna make a big square using the same line-width. Done. Now to arrange 'm all in a usable pattern.

Now I got to figure out something to make for the title / menu graphic. Not quite happy with background #FFCC99 yet. Hmm, #EFBC89 isn't any better, I'm gonna keep the websafe combination.

Just some dummy content to test how the table fills out. Also testing the look of the standard serif font with a size of "smaller". Hey, font-family "Georgia" looks even better. Of course, not every visitor will have it installed.

Wrote something for info-page.

June 1999

The "tilt menu to horizontal"-button at the top of the menu actually works now.

Refilled the webdesign-page. Added two break-out-of-frameset buttons at the top of the menu. Added ALT-texts to all menu-buttons.

Had to increase width of menu-frame coz Netscape apparently is too drunk to render it at its correct size when using 1024x768. Also prevented DHTML-freezing in Netscape caused by resizing of window.

Whoa! What's all this? I'm redesigning/reorganizing a bit, so consequently some of the pages are still empty. Check the old-style homepage for some content that you can't yet find here.

April 1999

First news-entry. Menu is almost finished.

February 1999

I made a little animated banner for my other website, You can see the banner in action just below the menu on this page.
And look! There's Wouterd's new banner to go with his new homepage!

January 1999

New link added to Links-page: Morgan! Congratulations with your new homepage... :)
In other news: I'm still working on the redesign of this page (changing my mind all the time). Here's a screenshot of how it could have been (but not anymore).

For those of you expecting something new: a heavy-duty redesign/reorganization is in the works - don't yet know when it'll be good/finished enough to upload. You'll just have to check back here every few days, I guess... ^_^. In the mean time, here's something to think about.

December 1998

The 2D and 3D-image thumbnails are no longer on separate pages, but together on the main Digital Art-page. I uploaded the two latest images (0018,0019) in the fifty-fifty series. And I re-added the Really Old-page to Digital Art.

For clarity, there are (more) thumbnails on the school-page. And the links have been heavily expanded. Lastly, I reorganized the Old Homepage Archive and added descriptive commentary.

November 1998

Added some blue-ish gradient lines alongside the text through-out this page (seems to work best in Internet Explorer). And new in More stuff: the revolutionary Information Overload Prevention Page.

Yes! It's total redesign time again! Sorry, I just couldn't stand the green anymore, so now I'm trying this combination of light and dark shades of blue. Miss the old look? You can still view it online in the Old Homepage Archive, together with a lot of other outdated versions of my homepage.

Also, I decided to make the title of this page the same as its address. That's right, all you have to type to end up here is Really short and real

September 1998;

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