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May 2012

mooie autotranslate fail RT @sterestherster: Bij LycaMobile heet "mei 2012" "kan 2012" :)

February 2012

wel grappig hoe @Google de link "dismiss" (sluiten) steevast als "afwijzen" vertaalt, in die privacy popupjes die maar niet wegblijven...

February 2009 - Robin Hood's Oo De Lally Translated Into 13 Languages [via]

May 2006

Mari - diary: Which web translation is the smartest? comparison of Japanese-to-English translate bots [via]

September 2005

Roman-to-Hangul Conversion Service - handy for generating Korean characters (with info in Japanese, funnily enough)

Update: try Hong's Hangul Conversion Tool, with English instructions.