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November 2012

RT @xiffy: RT @paulvanbuuren: Mitt Romney. (oder Ohne)

May 2012

mooie autotranslate fail RT @sterestherster: Bij LycaMobile heet "mei 2012" "kan 2012" :)

April 2012

RT @Vernoeming: De moeder van mevrouw Poepjes-Poepjes was mevrouw Poepjes-de Hoop ent-5739

February 2012

wel grappig hoe @Google de link "dismiss" (sluiten) steevast als "afwijzen" vertaalt, in die privacy popupjes die maar niet wegblijven...

July 2011

RT @frankisch: Daar is ie dan. De spelfout van de week. #blokker

May 2010

Wikipedia - Diegesis - Film sound and music

Sound in films is termed diegetic if it is part of the narrative sphere of the film. For instance, if a character in the film is playing a piano, or turns on a CD player, the resulting sound is "diegetic." If, on the other hand, music plays in the background but cannot be heard by the film's characters, it is termed non-diegetic or, more accurately, extra-diegetic. The score of a film is "non-diegetic" sound. Some examples...

December 2009

Cardus - You Had Me at 'Hello' [via]

April 2009

Verkiezing: de onjuiste spatie van 2008 [via]

November 2008

The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry - Don’t Mind Your Language… [via]

August 2008

Het Groot Instinkboek voor vertalers en ondertitelaars [via]

A Fistful of Euros - Adventures in European subtitling [via]

December 2007

Language Log: The Etiology and Elaboration of a Flagrant Mistranslation [via]

Hanzi Smatter analyzes the (poor) katakana usage in Kanye West's Stronger video [via]

November 2007

Polyglot Vegetarian: Hangul Day [via]

October 2007

the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks [via]

Far Outliers - Etymologically, Myanmar = Burma [related] [via]

August 2007

Wikipedia - List of English words of Dutch origin [via [via]]

January 2007

Literally, A Web Log - An English language grammar blog tracking abuse of the word literally [via]

December 2006

Lin Danda - a visual joke using Chinese characters [via]

August 2006 Japanese -> English Dictionary [via]

Ask Metafilter - "Literally" is its own antonym! How can this be?

April 2006 - free daily audio lessons [via]

February 2006

Mutant Frog - Mistyping Japanese names

January 2006

Hong's Hangul Pronunciation Conversion - handy tool for generating Korean characters

December 2005

Wikipedia - Kyōiku kanji

VeronicaGameAwards verwart "verassend" met "verrassend"

stem op de "meest verassende [sic] game!" zucht...

ver·as·sen (ov.ww.)
1 in, tot as doen overgaan
2 cremeren

ver·ras·sen (ov.ww.)
1 (iem.) onverwachts met iets confronteren
2 onverwachts verblijden

November 2005

I can't stop watching Ayaka's Surprise English Lessons... [more here]

September 2005

Roman-to-Hangul Conversion Service - handy for generating Korean characters (with info in Japanese, funnily enough)

Update: try Hong's Hangul Conversion Tool, with English instructions.

August 2005

Nihongo Resources [via]

March 2005 pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese and Korean (includes bookmarklets) [via] - Where Dutch and English collide

February 2005

SOS - Signalering Onjuist Spatiegebruik [via]

January 2005 - het taalterreur-log

December 2004

Korean Alphabet Tutorial - surprisingly easy to grok [via]

September 2004


Typophile Forums: Is Dutch ij ligature "atomic?" [via]

May 2004

Japanese for the Western Brain [via]

December 2003

A jumbled mess of words my English sentences are being lately.

December 2002

Antipixel: Kanji months and days of the week
That would make today "Mokuyöbi, Jyüni-gatsu Go" (or Go Jyüni-gatsu?)

All the Dutch days of the week:
maandag, dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag, vrijdag, zaterdag, zondag

January 2002

omkat: Dutch weblog slang for 'redesign'