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December 2012

RT @tenhoope: Ok, het heeft even geduurd, maar vanaf nu lees je NRC Handelsblad ook op Android devices!

November 2012

exploring the differences between android v2.3.7 and v4.1.1. glad to now play around with a mobile browser that supports 3d css transforms

September 2012

my phone can't show char ✽ (HEAVY TEARDROP-SPOKED ASTERISK), so fire flower becomes fire squares

trying out Hooha client for Android, looks pretty slick. rare to see an app package under 1MB these days

March 2012

trying out a new minimal Android homescreen

trying out a new minimal Android homescreen layout
A screenshot of my HTC Desire running ADWLauncher EX on Cyanogenmod, using Widgetsoid, Minimalistic Text Widget, icons from Sense Glass ADW Theme, and a background image from Mozilla's Boot2Gecko demo that someone linked on Reddit.

February 2012

lightbox app notifications on android are a bit spammy, shame. "Checked your feed today?" etc

December 2011

"This application requires no special permissions to run." Such a rare and special occurrence to see this in Android Market

September 2011

one big thing native mobile apps seem to do a lot better than web apps: maintaining correct scroll position on back-navigation #android #ui

rooted my HTC Desire to Cyanogenmod (+ Zeam Launcher), yay for apps2sd, finally no more problems with internal storage filling up