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February 2012

scratch patterns on ice

scratches on ice
scratches on ice
scratches on ice

April 2006

madurodam ice5

madurodam ice3
chinese tourists looking at a dutch windmill built by chinese ice sculptors at a dutch themepark

madurodam ice2

March 2006

Hamburg pigeon

Hamburg pigeon
I made a (train)trip to Hamburg this weekend to meet a couple of internet friends. Here's one of the more eye-catching shots I found while doing a first quick browse through the 500 photos I shot during the past three days - lots more to follow later, of course.

February 2006

two birds

two birds
for the Things looking like the flickr default icon Pool

January 2006

icy sunrise

December 2003

ice-covered windshield

February 2003

Follow-up to 1991:


December 2002