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October 2007

Naar Voren over Schaalbaarheid van PHP-applicaties

June 2005

Thiemo Mättig: PHP imagesharpen() [related] [via]

PHP is 10 years old today! [via]

February 2005

Introduction to PHP Image Functions [via]

December 2004

PHP function for getting Favatars [via]

November 2004


September 2004

PHP/SWF Charts [via]

August 2004 tutorials [via]

June 2004

PHP, XML, and Character Encodings with regard to Feed on Feeds [via]

September 2003

Here's a quick (and probably incomplete) how-to on making public your feed on feeds view script while still hiding your admin scripts in a protected dir:

  1. copy view.php to an unprotected dir
  2. in the copied view.php, change include_once("init.php"); to point to the original dir: include_once("../protected_dir/init.php")
  3. in init.php, change is_writable( "cache" ) to is_writable( dirname(__FILE__)."/cache" )
  4. (optional) strip all the admin links and options from the copied view.php
  5. read your feeds via the copied view.php script so people don't get login prompts when following their referrers :)

August 2003
This is a custom view script I wrote for my feed on feeds [2252] install, removing a bunch of details/options I don't need. Most importantly: I have no desire to read people's weblog entries in anything other than the original design, so descriptions are out.

It's still basically a flat listing of recent items sorted by date, except I made it so adjacent items are grouped together in one block if they happen to be from the same feed; resulting in something that would look quite nice in a narrow side frame or searchpane (IE-users can click here to open it in theirs--can't wait for Firebird to support this).

Source (script, template and stylesheet):

(Update: I have since totally changed the look of my /feeds/ page so don't be surprised if these templates make it look rather different)

November 2002

"funky caching" is what I usually try to do too on templated php-powered sites; generating static pages on access rather than on saving of data simply makes a lot more sense once you're used to it.

Although the concept of using a custom 404 php-script hadn't occured to me yet: checking if the appropriate static copy exists and the optional generating occurs in one main index.php. [via]

42 slides of PHP tips by Rasmus Lerdorf (.pdf) [via]

August 2002

Announcing PHP Tools version 1.0 - Rasmus Lerdorf, 1995. [via]

July 2002

Interview - PHP's Creator, Rasmus Lerdorf [via massless]

March 2002 - Error Handling In PHP [via]

January 2002

Another Secure Programming in PHP article; these are always worth the read. [via]

December 2001

phpMyAdmin 2.2.2 heeft weer wat meer leuke dingetjes dan 2.2.0 al had. Oeh, checkboxes voor de tables! Onderstreepte primary keys!

November 2001

Adjusted my script to ping using the XML-RPC function. More bandwidth-friendly than the simulated form-submit.

October 2001

PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0 [via lgf]

September 2001

phpMyAdmin 2.2.0 is out. < print 'cool!'; ?>

July 2001

Sometimes, you just can't help but name a variable '$usertopicmenulistitem'...

Another 'Security flaws in PHP' article, somewhat more accessible than this one I mentioned two days ago.

Exploiting Common Vulnerabilities in PHP. Read this and learn. [via lgf]