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July 2012

July 2008 [via]

May 2008

Christiaan Postma - Clock [more] [via]

March 2008

Iron & Wine @ Paradiso, view the entire concert in streaming video at! offline :-( [related]

November 2007

waterlollies - flash animation by Adam Phillips [more] [via]

July 2007

Monkey Island - Der Flash Film [related] [via]

August 2006


October 2003

May 2006 information - infinite recursive photo mosaic browser [more] [via]

March 2006

600th(!) present at blend [via] - flash and shockwave works

February 2006

NS-kaartautomaat simulator

January 2006

Flash trailer for Korean film Daisy, shot in The Netherlands last year [via] [related]

Tagnautica - Explore the Flickr Tag Space [via]

December 2005

Dear Computer, [via]

October 2005

play a game of Flickr Memry [via]

August 2005

Guitar Shred Show - Mr.Fastfinger

Delete Flash-based cookies via this Website Storage Settings Panel [via]

May 2005

testing Flickr badge:

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April 2005


Get Perpendicular! (Flash)

March 2005

February 2005

Bear & Cat - fun Flash game [via]

January 2005

December 2004

Recursive picture animation tutorial [via]

November 2004

Flasm - free command line SWF ActionScript disassembler

September 2004

PHP/SWF Charts [via]

July 2004

Jesse Ruderman: Flash seek bar bookmarklet (really works too!!)

July 2003

Lightness Demonstrations - flash anims of optical illusions. [via this Metafilter thread]

April 2003

We Are Robots: Robokopf - Flash anim. [via]

November 2002

May 2002

Interactive webcat - awww... [via]

February 2002

Pat this Cat (Flash anim) [via Low]

November 2001

Insomnia - Flash anim (w/sound) at

July 2001

lines 01 - clever Flash 'linestudy' at [via Zidouta]

January 2001

Arling & Cameron - leuke Flash intropagina...

8 out of 8, wow. [via prol]

September 2000

Nice combination of technologies: Scorched Earth, the old tank game, rewritten in PHP3/DHTML. (part of

Fisticuffs, cool flash manga animation.

June 2000 - Wow! [via linkdup]