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June 2003 (continued)

Mike's small animal & china delivery, from episode 'Paper Route Bout'.

Hey, Who Is That Guy? - profiles up-and-coming actors who have "been in stuff". Cool. Lots of very familiar faces that up until now remained nameless in my mind. Although a big omission is That Guy From That Movie (how David Letterman announced him a couple of years ago). [via danelope]

Update: sorta the same thing (but with ugly discoloured thumbnail-sized photos): Fametracker: Hey! It's That Guy!

Idea: to compile a list of current stories, meaning any tv series, book or movie with a continuing narrative that I'm reading/watching and haven't yet reached the end of:

24 (in the middle of S2)
Angel (waiting for S5)
Firefly (cancelled after ep. 10)
Hellsing (at ep. 8)
LOTR The Two Towers (1/4th remaining)
Stellvia of the Universe (at ep. 6)
Samurai Jack (at ep. 4, ignoring horrible Dutch dubs on tv)
Six Feet Under (waiting for S2)
The Day of the Triffids (only a few pages left)
The Matrix Trilogy (waiting for Revolutions)
The Quiet American (paused halfway)
The Sopranos (somewhere in S3, currently rewatching S2)
Wolf's Rain (at ep. 14)

Also, sort of:
Aeon Flux (still haven't seen all eps to be able to fully comprehend the story overall world view)
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (at ep. 14; if there is an overencompassing story arc, it's rather subtle)

April 2003

Futurama Panoramas [at]
broken links

February 2003

Ooh, 24 Season 2 is about to start on BBC2!
Good, I was getting tired of seeing only season 1 reruns; the rewatchability of this show is very low....

January 2003

Voice Actor Page - searchable database of voice actors and their work, by actor, show or character name. Very extensive, although you have to resort to Google for tracking down any more info about people.

(If this weblog had inline entry titles, above this one it would say: 'Sudden realizations'...)

The X-Files' Agent Monica Reyes is Kat from Mystic Pizza.

CSI-guy is Manhunter-guy and To Live and Die in L.A.-guy.

That guy whose voice sounds so very familiar, fighting Dracula along with Young Indiana Jones in episode 2x22, is a younger, skinnier version of Angel's nemesis Holtz.

The albino kid with the electrical superpowers in Powder (1995), whose slightly awkward body language and hesitant smile I've seen somewhere before, is Young Indiana Jones.

tv, static

'In the Transformers universe, "gestalt" is the unofficial generic term for a team of robots who combine together to form a larger robot.'

lucky crossfade of voice actor and matching cartoon character.

November 2002

a little off-the-tv photo fun...

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Newsradio quote of the day:
Dave (joking): "Hey I didn't just sign for a stolen jeep, did I, Radar?"
Beth: "Dave, I don't watch Star Trek."

October 2002


I have to say, my enjoyment of the day-long Powerpuff Girls marathon on Cartoon Network is somewhat hampered by the fact that they're broadcasting the dubbed versions, with adequate-but-not-quite-as-funny Dutch voices instead of the original English.

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The Daily Show clips (RealVideo) - lots of 'em...

August 2002

From: Maurice de Hond
Je ontvangt dit bericht omdat je tijdens het SBS 6 programma "Waar stem ik op?" je e-mailadres hebt achtergelaten.

Ummm... nee hoor.

Update: het lijkt erop dat meer mensen door Maurice gespamd zijn, afgaande van de regelmatige Google-hits op deze entry.

Die spammende Stem van Nederland site bleek nog lek te zijn ook. Kijk uit met je gebruikersgegevens. Meer info:
- Atmosphere - Weblog
- Planet Multimedia

TV Crossovers and Spinoffs [via]

Thundercats Outtakes [via this Metafilter thread]


The Amazing Slayerthon - Udo Schmitz is watching all 122 Buffy episodes in 14 days, blogging as he goes along. [via WHEDONesque]


Knowing me, knowing you, aha.

July 2002

It's here! Now officially opened:
A new community weblog about Joss Whedon's work (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, ...). Design/html/content by Caroline, php/mysql-coding by me.

June 2002

May 2002

SLAYAGE number 5

April 2002

Ramon 'Let-Me-Stay' meets Steve Irwin [via]

Update 2006-09-04:
Steve Irwin is no more, crikey :(

cowboybebop_denhaag.jpg - click for larger version

Whoa... I'm watching Cowboy Bebop, episode 20 ('Pierrot le Fou'), and for a fraction of a second, I think I notice a Dutch street sign for the city of The Hague (aka Den Haag) scrolling in view during a cyberspace sequence. Rewind: yep, it's actually there. How cool is that?!

Also, sorta related: during a recent BBC documentary on the computer game industry, they showed a filler scene of a busy Japanese street where a girl walked by who just happened to wear what I'm sure was a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of Van Vliet, a local waste disposal company. And I mean *really* local - a short walk from here! Coincidences, hmm...


Andrew Nestler's Guide to Mathematics and Mathematicians on "The Simpsons" [via]

March 2002

/photos/020323_tv_shatner2.jpg /photos/020323_tv_shatner.jpg
Was watching Conan O'Brien, William Shatner walks on carrying a video camera, saying 'this is for the website'. And he wasn't kidding... there's two clips in Quicktime or RealPlayer format. - music featured in Buffy and Angel episodes [via [via]]


10 out of 10, ha! [via qwertyuiop]

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"

Buffy The Musical Mp3 Songs "once more with feeling" - saw this episode recently. Here's some high-quality mp3s of each song. - Movie and TV Bloopers and Mistakes and More
[via Low]

February 2002

"Endut. Hoch Hech!"


Slayage: The Online International Journal for Buffy Studies - interesting amazing collection of BTVS articles. BTVS, of course, stands for Best TV Show.[via]

Update: the site can be a bit tricky to navigate; try the Slayage Archive for a handy overview of all articles.

020209_rem1.jpg 020209_rem2.jpg
Taking random photos of the tv is fun... Look at Stipe worshiping the Performance Channel logo.

January 2002

BBC2, 01:25 CET: Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
[via The Rules of Open-Source Programming

Bonanza [MTV VOORBIJ] - Gisteren op tv, aanbevolen. Some interesting links in the left-side column.

December 2001

Cowboy Bebop is amazing...


Map of Springfield [via]

Ik zag zowaar Jogchem Niemandsverdriet geïnterviewd worden in een School-TV programma vanochtend...

Slashdot | Thus Spake Tick Creator Ben Edlund [via 'Bred Crumbs]

November 2001

(special appearance by Lance Henriksen)

BBC2 Idents old
BBC2 Idents new [via interconnected]

Update: on the same site: wallpapers!

The Guardian article on John Simpson ('of Kabul') [via] Arts & Entertainment | The hills are alive with the sound of ... vampire slaying! [via]

October 2001

Time to watch ST:TNG on BBC2. Looking at it in a new light since reading some of Uncle Willie's behind-the-scenes stories.

Slashdot | Wil Wheaton Responds to your Questions. - "I've just remembered something, [...] you can't mod me down! *cackle* Ahh, the sweet, sweet elixir of corrupting power!"[via]

transforming Transformers costume [via]

If you have some time, fire up your favourite mp3-sharing utility and search and listen to 'Spock vs Q', a great mini-play between Leonard Nimoy and John De Lancie. [mentioned by Wil Wheaton a while ago]

Googlin' fun. Icheb's parents in ST:VOY episode 139 both guest-starred in X-Files episodes (as nosebleeder and firestarter, respectively). Recognized them as such even with their nasty alien make-up.

In the Dutch translation of Dexter's Lab episode 'Don't Be A Hero', Dexter actually says 'webkracht' (web-power) in reference to his new powers after turning himself into a spider-man. First time I've heard the word webkracht used for something else than Webkracht B.V., where I work.

September 2001

Las Vegas Con Photo Report - more opportunities to see Star Trek stars without their make-up. [via, obviously]

The Onion A.V. Club interviews Joss Whedon
[via Blogdex]

July 2001

Here's the official website of the new live-action The Tick series (with movie clips)! [via Metafilter]

Watch some footage from 'Enterprise', the new Star Trek series (link to 7MB .avi at bottom of page). Apparently it takes place a hundred years *before* Kirk and crew... [via danelope]

June 2001

Wow, apparently there's gonna be a live-action version of The Tick. [via danelope]

Great BTVS episode last night, as Xander found himself split into two people. How convenient that Nicholas Brendon just happens to have a real-life twin brother! I was wondering when they'd work that into the storyline somehow..

NewsRadio and the Comedic Art [via memepool] - Scroll down to 'let', notice the link? I think this is the first time I've seen mentioned on a Slovakian(?) site. Helped by a one-word Slovensko-anglick dictionary, my guess is the accompanying text means something like this:

Navigation of this page is absolutely not as it is at or, why wouldn't they name any one of the artworks more eloquently than "1 - 86"?

Somebody built a life-size Robotech Mech! (english translation here) [via]

September 2000

Can Skeletor Cope With Losing His Shirt....Before It's Too Late?

March 2000

I finally finished and sent in my entry for the 5k design contest. There are still 2 days left to submit your own entry!

Gillian interviews David [via RobotWisdom, although it's being linked everywhere]