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May 2008 (continued)

Christiaan Postma - Clock [more] [via]

April 2008

Twinkle - split screen, nice bit of JS <canvas> hackery by P01 [related] [more]

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Iterative Algorithmic Plastic Sculpture: Fimo Fractals and Sierpinski cookies [more] [via]

White Glove Tracking - isolating Michael Jackson's white glove in all 10,060 frames of his nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean - and then visualizing the data in fun ways! [via]

March 2008

cool mural @ WdKA

So I took the liberty of sneaking into the HRO/Willem de Kooning Academy building yesterday... to check out this huuuge and impressive mural from close up, made by 25 art students. Awards - Nominees [via]

February 2008

POVRay Short Code Contest #5 - The animation round!
[related] [related] [via]

Game Mod - graphic design students tweak the output of the game Breakout, using Processing [related] [via]

January 2008

Maman, by Louise Bourgeois

This thing was hanging around in front of Tate Modern.

December 2007

Catmonsters and Friends

November 2007

distellamap by Ben Fry - visualizations of Atari 2600 game code [related] [related]

Pixelsumo - Playing with cubes [via]

September 2007

Lou Romano - The Powerpuff Girls backdrop art [more] [via]

Josh Keyes - Paintings and Drawings

July 2007

huge ASCII-art curtains [via]

huge graffiti on Binnenrotte square

June 2007

Spy Box - a digital camera inside a parcel looks out through a small hole and captures images of its journey through the postal system

The Google Book, By V.C. Vickers, 1913

painting battle at Lantaren/Venster

painting battle at Lantaren/Venster
painting battle at Lantaren/Venster
Pinkman (JP) vs Johan Kleinjan (NL) at the CAMERA JAPAN festival.

May 2007

The Ward-O-Matic: An Unusual Mother's Day Gift [via] - the asia drawing portal

megamu - visualizing listening history over time [related] [related] [via]

April 2007

PIXELATOR - turning street advertising screens into an ambient flashing pixel pattern (Quicktime video) [via]

January 2007

a Simpsons-style drawing of Totoro [via]

December 2006

PingMag interview: Pallalink - twisted symmetrie photographs [via] - pretty drawings by a variety of artists based on a common weekly theme [via]

Artworks by Thomas Keeley

November 2006

October 2006

Wooster Collective: Bonom in Brussels (video) [via]

giant bird attacks rotterdam

giant bird

Late Night with Conan O'Brien HD Bumper Art Gallery [via]

September 2006


sad bunny

sad bunny

August 2006

Wooster Collective: Writing With Water [via]

PingMag: X - color: Graffiti in Mito - nice overview of graffiti in Japan [via [via [via [via]]]]

kunsthal camel



LOVEPIXEL - a gigantic pixel-art image that's great fun to scroll around in (Note: might freeze Firefox)

July 2006

berlin graffiti 9


berlin graffiti 8



After the first night at the hostel, I got up at 6:30 in the morning and just started exploring the beautiful quiet city for a bit... Getting out of station Alexanderplatz I spotted this kid.

berlin graffiti 7


berlin graffiti 6


berlin graffiti 5

On the wall in Mauerpark.

berlin graffiti 4


berlin graffiti 3


berlin graffiti 2

In an alley along Schönhauser Allee.

berlin graffiti 1

Along Kastanienallee.

Oliver Laric - 787 Cliparts (Quicktime) [more] [via]

Wooster Collective: Dutch Masters street art exhibition opens in The Hague [related] [via]

Silent London - a map of the quietest places in the city [via]

June 2006

shadow over mural

shadow over mural

just chillin'

just chillin'



YouTube - time-lapse graffiti movies by neckcns [related]

marking the pattern

marking the pattern

Conan O'Brien vs. BEAR [via]

Online Portfolio of Bang Phan [via]
Now offline, sadly!
Bang, if you're reading this, get with it and put some more stuff online :P - Bioengineered Buddies! [related] [related]

U B U W E B :: S O U N D

PingMag interview with Gez Fry on Japanese style illustration [related] [via]

May 2006

guard bw


Florentijn Hofman - Projects - Black Crow - by chance I spotted this impressive big wooden bird silhouette sculpture thing in three different locations during the last couple of months: first in Rijswijk, then near Station Delft, and finally, near the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam. Took me a while before I realized that I was seeing the same construction each time, instead of a matching duplicate - it's simply been traveling around. [related]

Mojizu - A Contemporary Character Design Community [via]

big yellow bear-lamp

big yellow bear-lamp
I keep spotting the weirdest things in Rotterdam... Last year it was a giant inflatable bunny, now this.


chalk drawing

April 2006

madurodam ice2

the Creatures in my Head - illustration and artwork by Andrew Bell [via]

Premonitory Design Apparatus - a painting by Michael Podolak

Altona wall

Altona wall
I love faded/weathered stuff like this.

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