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June 2012

RT @DaveGorman: If you were following my fight with Yahoo/flickr 3months ago, you might like to know it has a happy ending: Parsing Exif client-side using JavaScript javascript-2/

March 2012

RT @DaveGorman: @glinner @jackofkent updated post on the DMCA/Degban/@Flickr thing: l Long. The Degban stuff = ridiculous.

February 2012

RT @Pinboard: My pal Aaron (a former flickr-r) has posted his own talk on parallel-flickr from #pda12; highly recommended!

RT @schill: Recall that thing my co-workers were seeing at my desk, and saying "holy crap!"? Look here for a sneak peek...

August 2011

RT @hchamp: Feels multiverse as UK police use Flickr to identify people as there were instances of them wanting photos taken down for same #myformerlife

November 2009 | Blog » Flickr as a paintbrush [more] [via]

March 2009

flickr rotterdam meetup-by-night

October 2008

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc. [via]

May 2008

Flickr meetups are serious business

meetups are serious business

April 2008

collaborative crossword puzzle solving - nice example of emergent gameplay in Flickr's notes system [via]

December 2007

Flickr introduces global and per-photo access statistics and referrer(!) listings for Pro users. Yay! [related]

May 2007

Flickr Rotterdam Meetup, 28 April 2007

colourful group
Had a fun day exploring part of Rotterdam with 20-or-so local Flickr users! More shots in this set.

April 2007

January 2007

December 2006

November 2006

Flickr: Camera Finder [via]

October 2006

September 2006

Matt Haughey on YouTube, Flickr and The Bandwidth Problem [via]

August 2006

a pointer

For the non-Flickr-contacts that visit here: there's tons more Berlin photos to see in this Flickr set of mine, and plenty more on the way, probably.

Almost three weeks on, and browsing through the many photos of my short trip still makes me discover more cool stuff to post. If only the photos sucked, maybe then I would learn not to shoot so many; but no, somehow I like almost every one of the 1000+ photos I made. I'll be in real trouble the next time I go on a longer trip.

hidden Flickr referrers

Looking at my Flickr most-viewed photos stats just now, I was surprised at how many views this photo had gotten - 542 views with barely any comments or faveings! As it turns out that might have something to do with the fact that it's actually the 4th(!) result in Google for the phrase no smoking allowed - while a copy of the same photo on my own site is the 5th result.

Which makes me wonder how many other people end up on my Flickr photostream via Google, or via any other site for that matter, without me realizing it... I guess it's too much to ask Flickr to offer personalized referrer listings for stats-addicts like me. :)

This problem is solved, for Pro-users anyway, with the recent introduction of Flickr Stats!

July 2006

flickrInspector - generate a handy one-page overview and some statistics for any Flickr stream [via]

June 2006

May 2006 Greasemonkey script: Add Camera Images to Flickr image properties

April 2006

favcol [via]

Blue Cha Cha stills and behind-the-scenes shots on Flickr [via]

March 2006
See my photos at

February 2006

two birds

two birds
for the Things looking like the flickr default icon Pool

January 2006

Tagnautica - Explore the Flickr Tag Space [via]

retrievr - search Flickr photos by sketching! [via]

November 2005

This personalized Flickr Name That Contact! game is a lot of fun [via]

October 2005

Flickr view big bookmarklet

I wrote this little bookmarklet to help me instantly grab the large/original version of any Flickr photo. Funnily enough, because of Flickr's consistent filenaming scheme, it also works for photos where the See different sizes option normally remains hidden:

view big (gets 1024px version; should work for most photos)

view original (gets full version as uploaded; works for photos pre-March 2007)

Drag the link above to your Bookmarks Toolbar (or right click, Add to Favorites), then click it when viewing a single Flickr photo page.

Here's the formatted source code, if you're into that sorta thing:

for (m in M=document.getElementsByTagName('img'))
  s = M[m].src;
  if (s && s.match(/static/) && !s.match(/_s|buddy/))

play a game of Flickr Memry [via]

September 2005

August 2005

adaptive path - An Interview with Flickr's Eric Costello [via]

July 2005

June 2005

AudioFlickrscrobbler [via]

Flickr Montager [via]

All Futurama Taglines [via]

May 2005

testing Flickr badge:

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April 2005

March 2005

February 2005

O'Reilly Network: Stewart Butterfield on Flickr [via]

January 2005