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June 2012

RT @subblue: Just uploaded a bunch of test scenes from my WebGL 3d renderer:

January 2012

#demoscene RT @pouetdotnet: The top lists of productions from 2011, as dictated by the Pouet users:

RT @kasthomas: Procedural textures in HTML5 canvas nvas.html

August 2009

Information Is Beautiful [via]

March 2008

PixelMachine - Building a Ray-Tracing 3D Renderer from Scratch Over a Weekend [via]

February 2008

POVRay Short Code Contest #5 - The animation round!
[related] [related] [via]

July 2007

a map of planet Earth, inversed [via] - infographics by Megan Jaegerman
[more] [via]

August 2006

LOVEPIXEL - a gigantic pixel-art image that's great fun to scroll around in (Note: might freeze Firefox)

May 2006

Mojizu - A Contemporary Character Design Community [via]

February 2006

Derek Yu's Pixel Art Tutorial [via]

November 2005


2001 A Space Odyssey: Unwrapping the Slit Scan sequences [via]

October 2005

Inkscape - Open Source SVG Editor [via] - a visual exploration on mapping complex networks [via]

July 2005

June 2005

May 2005

November 2004

"Sphere" community gallery at [via]

October 2004

Bullet Madness - 200 free list-bullet icons at [via]

September 2004 ecity [via]

July 2004

The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art [via]

June 2004

YayHooray! If They Mated photoshops [via]

May 2004

obscurantist: face 4

POVRay Fractal Raytracing Contest

September 2003

Making of Go with the Flow, the Queens of the Stone Age video. [via 2lmc spool]

August 2003 has a nice alternative application and document icon for Mozilla Firebird. Definitely less distracting to the eye than that flame-thing. [via Gary Turner]

July 2003

Radiohead - Hail to the Wing - In AD 2101, war was beginning... [by danelope, via Low Weblog]

Naar Voren: Pixel Art - leuk artikel van Arjan Westerdiep.

June 2003

Stencilling tutorials at Stencil Revolution - don't much care for covering my neighborhood in paint but converting some photos to stencil-like images should be fun... [via Knurpslog]

{fray} drugs - the scar with beautiful illustrations by Witold Riedel. [via]

April 2003

I like Friedrich Lohmueller's abstract raytraced artworks... especially the Loops (with pov source files and tutorial).

Revisiting the snowflake theme, in POV-Ray. Source file here.

A random path of large and small cylinders, evenly rotated around the y-axis six times and mirrored to form a symmetrical snowflake.

Trying out texture options, I stumbled upon normal { facets size 2 }, which turns the smooth cylinders into these neat crystal-like shapes; makes me want to reach into the monitor and grab the whole thing, spin it around, feel its weight...

Past snowflake inspired experiments:
- DHTML snowflake generator
- Java-based snowflake generator

A bit of photo tracing fun... click for full version.

Project Dogwaffle - paint program for Windows, of which an earlier version can be downloaded for free. If the Gallery images are anything to go by, this might be a fun opportunity to put the ol' graphics tablet to use again. [via SCC308 Downloads page]

Continuing my self-imposed no-photos-for-one-week rule, I decided to rediscover POV-Ray (freeware raytracer) a bit. The current version has some features I never tried before, like isosurfaces (this rock is one).

It's still great fun simply placing objects, playing around with shapes/parameters and seeing what happens, especially now that I have a PC that can generate images like this in a couple of seconds. When I first tried POV-Ray ten years ago, scenes like this took two hours to render.

Related: You know you've been raytracing too long when...

MrWong's Soup'Partments - giant collaborative pixel art tower, ever growing, apparently... [via]

Adding Depth To Illusions [via Low]

February 2003 Faking the LOMO Effect in Photoshop [via]

November 2002

AGAINST THE REALITY - big side-scrolling page of pretty designs and graphics... [via Uren.Dagen.Nachten]

I managed to convert some ancient MSX .PIC graphics of mine into .GIFs.

Filedate: 1990-06-21

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October 2002

The Cliff Guy - Cliff Pieces - a very large collection of drawings of characters standing on cliffs, by all sorts of comic artists.

September 2002

VisualJournalism [via EVHEAD] has been doing some slick tracing-over-in-photoshop. Been meaning to try this myself... to try and use more of the many photos I take as source material for other artistic expression.

Cool isometric illustration in this Wired article. [via...somewhere]

August 2002

Random Google-powered PDF-2-HTML glitch art*:

(Found by searching for "maxihum", of all things.)

Fractal Types - Types of Fractals [via Low]

July 2002

'Know Your Place! Shut Your Face!' - remixed Propaganda Posters. [via Uren.Dagen.Nachten]

GFX^TM - 304 Photoshop 6 Tips [via Lockergnome]

explodingdog: drawing sites

Zoom auf die Schneeflockenkurve
Zoom auf den Sierpinski-Teppich
[via mados]

June 2002

Dennis Hwang - Google's logo doodler. [via this slashdot thread]

XaoS - Real-Time Fractal Zoomer [via Ned Batchelder]

The History of The Teapot or Teapotahedron, omni-present 3D model. [via Ned Batchelder]

The Pixel Zone: Mini Tutorials - this might come in handy while creating entries for the 5k compo.

May 2002 - yummy fractal goodness. [via]

April 2002

Underground Photoshop Tennis [via Leaking Brain Fluid] - a collection of user-submitted 250x250 artworks. [via Lockergnome]

March 2002 - drawing a new monster every day (click 'old' for archive). [via]

(And more pretty drawings and anims at

A Complete History of Tux - so Far. - origin of the Linux penguin. [via kumo]

February 2002

Tomer Hanuka illustrations [via]

Daniel Lee "Manimals" - portraits of people digitally altered to match their Chinese zodiac sign. [via Mijn kop thee]

January 2002

SITO - Gridcosm - pretty cool collaborative art project. Try the MPEG fly-through. [via Uren.Dagen.Nachten]

Google has a cute header graphic today. [direct link to gif here]

December 2001


November 2001

S E P P U K U - sharp wacom graphics. like the wide-screen thumbnail style. [via's links]

October 2001

Texture-By-Numbers examples - Generating realistic textures with a few brush strokes using Image Analogies technique. Amazing. [via tastylog]

Been browsing the past Photoshop Tennis matches...
TechTV has video of a live match and an interview with inventor Jim Coudal - see the 'Video Highlight' box.
[via toastandtea]

Hi-res scans of the new Euro bills - ooh, something to try on my new printer. [via]

De Muzzy Banner Awards 2001 verkiezing is van start! Kies de mooiste band-banner uit een voorselectie van 25.

Update: leuk om de Tussenstand-pagina in de gaten te houden. Gaat nu erg snel... - great idea, an artistic version of 'Am i hot or not'. [via]

ack. my handwriting isn't really this ugly, honest :)

A tiny (pixel-sized) bug just walked across my screen for a couple of minutes. I opened Photoshop and tracked it:

September 2001

So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist? [via]

July 2001

Marcel van Eeden tekenlog [via Zidouta]

Cute 404 error. [via Friezlog]

Draw along with Uncle Fred [via narilka]

PNG Tips for Cartoonists. Should also be of some interest to non-cartoonists. [via daily gristle]

Pretty dorwings at little rocket. [via]

September 1999

8x8 pixel art
The new revolution in online graphics: 8x8 animated gifs. The one called "Pixel Invaders" was made by yours truly.

November 1998

Six more images were uploaded to the fifty-fifty gallery in the Digital Art section. And to that same section I re-added some 2D images

July 1998

Uploaded some really lame images made for a "first-aid"-app.