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October 2012

drawings by Milano Chow (via )

July 2012

do it yourself doodler (via ke_a_blank_sheet_with/ )

November 2011

RT @ArjAndj: Gast naast me schetst zijn slapende overbuurman. #ondertussenindetrein @ Intercity Rdam Naar utrecht

January 2010

Illustrated Missed Connections [via]

July 2009

Fancy People Adventures

January 2009

superuseless superpowers [via]

October 2008

150 SUEÑOS ILUSTRADOS - 150 children's dreams illustrated by different artists [via]

July 2008

Christoph Niemann - The Boys and the Subway [via]

December 2007

Catmonsters and Friends

May 2007 - the asia drawing portal

January 2007

a Simpsons-style drawing of Totoro [via]

December 2006 - pretty drawings by a variety of artists based on a common weekly theme [via]

July 2006

June 2006

Online Portfolio of Bang Phan [via]
Now offline, sadly!
Bang, if you're reading this, get with it and put some more stuff online :P

PingMag interview with Gez Fry on Japanese style illustration [related] [via]

May 2006

Willemsbrug graffiti

chalk drawing

April 2006

the Creatures in my Head - illustration and artwork by Andrew Bell [via]

February 2006

Derek Yu's Pixel Art Tutorial [via]

January 2006

My Moleskine - [via]

December 2005

little animals - drawings blog [via]

BLU - drawings and street art

November 2005 features doodles drawn by kids this week

October 2005

Sketchplanet - Art for everyone! [via]

August 2005


July 2005

Rubbish Drawings [via]

June 2005

Korean childrens' cute but scary anti-Japan drawings [via]

March 2005


Drawn! - grouplog about illustration and drawing [via]

February 2005 comics and drawings [via]