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September 2006

blurriness at Waterpop

tourists on Pariser Platz

Berlin tourists
I really like how that blurry bicycle ended up in the photo. Lucky timing.

August 2006


October 2003

June 2006

begins with m

May 2006

failed nightshot

failed nightshot
The result of tipping the camera over, catching it and trying to steady it again, all during a 15 second exposure.

April 2006

passing train

passing train
deze vind ik zelf erg mooi...

March 2006


February 2006

white cat

January 2006

blurry flock of lights

blurry lights

November 2005

westblaak traffic

flame blur

October 2005

station rijswijk blur

blurry v

September 2005

train window

blurry building

August 2005

blurry ducks

July 2005

photo: cows

lucky shot from train window

May 2005

ducks bw

Three weeks later, those cute duckies have gotten a little bigger and a lot cheekier.

March 2005

January 2005

December 2004

blurry trainstation lights

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January 2004

two passing trams

November 2003

blurry glass

September 2003


January 2003

"Okay, you rotate your camera counter-clockwise, I'll rotate mine clockwise... no, wait... er..."

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December 2002


November 2002


September 2002


August 2002


accidental composition

July 2002

passing tra... oops, just missed it.
Follow-up to 1304.

June 2002

passing train (2)
Going fast enough, they become transparent.
Follow-up to 1283.

passing train