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June 2012

RT @phoboslab: X-Type - Making Of

May 2012



September 2011

add me on @Wordfeud: username 'milov'

December 2008 - Java games in 4KB or less [via]

April 2006

remastered Windows XP version of the classic game Another World to be released today?! [via]

Experimental Gameplay Project - Super Tummy Bubble [via]

March 2006

Ray Tobey on developing the PC game Budokan for Electronic Arts

November 2005

This personalized Flickr Name That Contact! game is a lot of fun [via]

October 2005

It's Another World at Binary Bonsai [via]

play a game of Flickr Memry [via]

June 2005

The Independent Gaming Source: Zuma's Family Tree [via]

April 2005


February 2005

a maze puzzle written entirely in css [via] [via]

Bear & Cat - fun Flash game [via]

January 2005

Gamespot's Video Review of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing [related] [via]

November 2004

Half-Life 2

After too many failed attempts to buy Half-Life 2 Silver via that Steam thing, I decided to just buy the regular DVD version in the store last thursday. Which installed fine, yay!

I'm playing it on Hard to make sure I don't breeze through it too quickly, which seems to be working: I'm already going to have to go back to an earlier saved game because I won't be getting past those manhacks with no ammo + 15% health. An opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenery some more.

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The Final Hours of Half-Life 2 [via]

October 2004

Flash movie of Puppy Times, cutest Nintendo game ever?

September 2004

Test je typesnelheid @ Randstad [via]

August 2004

Liberated Games [via]

Yahoo! Games - Text Twist

February 2004

The Man in Blue > Experiment > SSCrabble [via webgraphics]

September 2003

Listening to: NESkimos - a NES cover band [via]

August 2003

DHTML Lemmings - Whaaa... Amazing entry for the GoT DHTML Contest. [via 2lmc spool]

July 2003

Game Girl Advance: Zine - nice collection of gaming-related articles/stories. [via Anil Dash]

A Neko kitty collection - download the original Windows version of Neko from 1991 (zipped .exe). I was always very fond of this early combination of cutesy pixel art and user mouse movement interaction, no doubt at some level an inspiration for many an iambald-number.

The first thing that crossed my mind when trying it today was that I must surely have enough photos of cats in various poses to make a photographic dhtml version of it. :)

Tierra Entertainment - remakes of classic Sierra adventure games! Downloading KQ1VGA now... [via danelope]

May 2003

Crashday - wow, a new game inspired by the classic, awesome Stunts/4D Sports Driving! [via the new [via]]

April 2003

The International House of Mojo - LucasArts News @ [via PC Format magazine]

History of Q*Bert [via]

January 2003

Talk Like a Gamer [via]

November 2002

gamebutton arcade - tiny playable Javascript games contained within html form buttons! [via Boing Boing]

September 2002

New games at Orisinal [via Elrado]

August 2002 - "interviews with individuals within the videogame industry" from 1997/1998.

July 2002 - The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar

May 2002

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: AI Analysis
int AICast_WantsToTakeCover(cast_state_t *cs, qboolean attacking); [via gohairbrush]

Scratched into a tram seat, 2002:

Opening screen of a classic 3D game, 1988:
Dark Side, the game

I remember playing Dark Side on our first PC, a 4.77 MHz CGA XT. Was particularly impressed by a (probably very low-poly) modeling of the Egyptian Sphinx at the time. Some more info here.

Q3 Human Tower record attempt [via Xiffy]

April 2002 would be a cool domain name for a classic-gaming site...

March 2002

And via David Chess: a brief game of text-based Tic Tac Toe (part of an interactive story(?) called The Forked Stick). - The Perilous Voyage - a sort of Golden Age version of Paratrooper (remember Paratrooper? 1990 or so, CGA graphics, lots of fun...)

Update: found a review and screenshots of Paratrooper - it's actually from 1982! You can even download the game (bottom of review) - works surprisingly well, pc-speaker music and everything.

Networked two-player DHTML Javascript Pool [via tehstylog]

February 2002

GameSpot article on Abandonware [via slashdotdotorg]

Another 'History of Video Games' article - this one starts in 1889! Interesting to find out the origins of names like Nintendo, Coleco, Mattel and Sega on page 2. [via a n t e n n a]

December 2001

Instant PC gaming nostalgia: browsing Home of the Underdogs by repeatedly clicking the 'Random Pick' link (top of left menu).

Nostalgia: System Shock 1 Weapons and Ammo, Enemies and Grenades and Explosives. [via TTLG Forums]

October 2001

Kick-ups seems to be easier to control with the Graphire than with the mouse. I reached 78 on first try, which is a lot more than I managed on past attempts. [via B3TA Top Ten Web Games [via Low's Neplog]]

Download Elasto Mania, new version of the old DOS game Action Supercross. [via]

September 2001

Dave Gnukem - Duke Nukem clone! (based on original DK trilogy, not the 3D version). [via flipCode]

The Dot Eaters - extensive illustrated history of video games. Also read History of Spacewar if you haven't already, linked a while ago. [via]

August 2001

The origin of Spacewar, (one of) the earliest video games. [via memepool]

Unreal II Interview at Action Vault. [via]

Interview with the creators of Final Fantasy at [via]

July 2001

Here's a game that'll drive you crazy: PongDeluxe, a 3D pong clone in 32KB (windows executable).

May 2000

This eggplant game is a lot of fun. My current high-score is 12... 15... now it's 17... Damn this is addictive... [via misterpants]