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January 2011 (continued)

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#IFFR zin in 13 Assassins, EssentialKilling, Headshots, Kaidan, Zaborgar, King's Speech, Oki's Movie, Outrage, Parked, Somewhere, Tiger Eyes

niet lang hoeven zoeken naar VK #iffr bijlage zoals sommige mensen op twitter, maar fijn weer kunnen ophalen bij m'n vaste bron, m'n ouders

weer fijn films omcirkelen in volkskrant #iffr bijlage

July 2010

awesome Akira animation cels and background art [via]

May 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox ♥

Fantastic Mr. Fox ♥

Wikipedia - Diegesis - Film sound and music

Sound in films is termed diegetic if it is part of the narrative sphere of the film. For instance, if a character in the film is playing a piano, or turns on a CD player, the resulting sound is "diegetic." If, on the other hand, music plays in the background but cannot be heard by the film's characters, it is termed non-diegetic or, more accurately, extra-diegetic. The score of a film is "non-diegetic" sound. Some examples...

February 2010

IFFR film 19: Café Noir / 카페 느와르 (Jung Sung-Il, South Korea): 4/5

Wow, very long at over 3 hours (they even included a 15 minute break in the middle which is rare for a festival showing), but quite something special, especially for those well versed in Korean films. Luckily the second half was even better than the first. An interesting mix of styles, switching from colour to b/w for some scenes etc. And I've never seen the city of Seoul itself used as a character quite as beautifully like this, with long single-take shots where the camera just glides along the streets or river for minutes and minutes.

Also: it wasn't until the credits that I realized one of the characters that looked so familiar to me was played by indie music star Yozoh! The little keyboard she continuously carried on her back should have been a hint, I suppose.

IFFR film 16: Eighteen / 회오리 바람 (Jang Kun-Jae, South Korea): 3.5/5

IFFR 2010: Jang Kun-Jae
IFFR 2010: Eighteen poster

IFFR film 12: Toad's Oil / ガマの油 (Japan): 4.5/5

My favourite film of IFFR 2010. Wonderful directorial debut (and starring role) by one of my favourite actors, Kôji Yakusho. A funny colourful moving story, in some parts reminiscent of the surrealness/sensibility of Taste of Tea. Also a nice role for Satomi Kobayashi of Megane / Kamome Diner.

IFFR film 6: Susa / სუსა (Rusudan Pirveli, Georgia): 3.5/5

Strikingly gritty landscapes. Also, I learned the Georgian alphabet is really pretty.

IFFR 2010: Rusudan Pirveli

January 2010

IFFR film 4: A Grammar For Listening (Parts 1-3): 3.5/5

Not so much a film, just a series of dreamy wonderful sound/sightscapes, the kind that make me want to go out and shoot some macro/bokeh photos. Followed by insightful Q&A with director Luke Fowler.

IFFR 2010: Luke Fowler

IFFR film 3: Running Turtle / 거북이 달린다 (Lee Yeon-woo, South Korea): 3.5/5.

Lots of fun this one, like a non-gloomy version of last year's excellent The Chaser (starring the same actor even).

Kid Casting - You know when a movie has a flashback and you see the character as a kid? Sometimes that's awesome. [via]

The Things by Peter Watts

December 2009

The Hot Blog: DP/30 - Christoph Waltz interview [via]

September 2009

In praise of the sci-fi corridor - Den of Geek [via]

June 2009

three frames

May 2009

IFFR 2009 swag

IFFR 2009 swag
One of my favourite things about film festivals is collecting various posters, flyers and booklets for movies and festivals from all over the world. Here's my loot from the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year! The big items are A4-size.

April 2009

Zone 5300: Imagine / AFFF film festival special

February 2009

jim emerson's scanners blog: Opening Shots Project [via]

Midnight Eye feature: Midnight Eye's Best (and Worst) Japanese films of 2008 [via]

November 2008

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2008 - List of all films [via]

August 2008

The CAMERA JAPAN 2008 Japanese Filmfestival programme has been announced! [via]

May 2008

Kleine Dingen - Top 10 van mooiste namen in de filmwereld [more]

April 2008

my AFFF log

The short but fine list of films I saw last week at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2008 (rated x out of 5):

Voices of a Distant Star + 5 Centimeters Per Second: 4/5
Unfortunately the digital (dvd?) projection in Tuschinksi Arthouse 5 was VERY pixelly (so much for expecting to get something more out of seeing it on the big screen) but it was real nice to see these two anime masterpieces by Makoto Shinkai again, his first and his latest, back-to-back. Truly the master at animating falling cherry blossoms, snow, railroad crossings, electric poles and cellphones. Still have that theme song One more time, one more chance stuck in my head.
Timecrimes / Los Cronocrímenes: 4/5
A very enjoyable, quirky and at times intense little sci-fi story from Spain. Certainly the most well-thought-out depiction of time travel in any movie I've ever seen, how refreshing.
King of the Hill / El Rey de la montaña: 4/5
Great Spanish lost-and-hunted-in-the-woods thriller. Feels like a mix of Surviving the Game and Elephant.
Vexille: 2/5
Your basic Japanese 3D futuristic anime epic, fitting somewhere inbetween Final Fantasy and Appleseed style-wise. A handful of very awesome action scenes and cool robot designs, in an otherwise kinda boring story. Again, the picture quality was rather bad, so that didn't help either.

24th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - from april 9th
to 20th, 2008

watch Man With A Movie Camera (1929) on Google Video - silent Russian film by Dziga Vertov, with brilliant new soundtrack by The Cinematic Orchestra [related] [via]

March 2008

best films I saw in 2007

A kind of loose ordering this time, though Once definitely belongs at the top...

Once - John Carney, 2006, IE
Michael Clayton - Tony Gilroy, 2007, US
Das Leben Der Anderen - Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, 2007, DE
Paprika - Satoshi Kon, 2006, JP
I Don't Want To Sleep Alone - Tsai Ming-Liang, 2006, TW
Memories of Matsuko - Tetsuya Nakashima, 2006, JP
Dead Man's Shoes - Shane Meadows, 2004, UK
The Science Of Sleep - Michel Gondry, 2006, FR
Faces of a Fig Tree - Momoi Kaori, 2006, JP
Kamikaze Taxi - Masato Harada, 1994, JP
The Man From Earth - Richard Schenkman, 2007, US
Inzeyen - Sweet Delight - Vladimir Sivkov, 2007, RU
Iklimler - Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2006, TR
Uzak - Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2002, TR
Wattstax - Mel Stuart, 1973, US
Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara - Sakabe Koji, 2007, JP
Manufactured Landscapes - Jennifer Baichwal, 2006, CA

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February 2008

my IFFR 2008 log

Seen at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam this year (in descending chronological order, rated x out of 5):

Sad Vacation: 4/5
Any film with Asano Tadanobu is always worth seeing.
Persepolis: 4/5
Beautiful animation, funny and moving. Though I feel I would have liked the version with the original french dialog better than this english dub.
Japanese 8mm Kicks Ass Beautiful
Real Dreams
The Darjeeling Limited: 5/5
Just wonderful. First Wes Anderson film I actually saw on the big screen. And biiig it was, being Pathé 1.
Black Snow: 3/5
Chinese film from 1989 starring a very young Jiang Wen. The overdubbed dialog and cheesily translated subtitles kinda distracted from the okay story. Nice to see the Q&A with director Xie Fei afterwards.
Of Monster Mode: 4/5
Entertaining Japanese silliness.
Magnus: 4/5
Probably the first Estonian film I've ever seen. From the description I was expecting something bleak and depressing, but it turned out to be very funny at times. Beautiful visuals and landscapes throughout.
Only Child, Upward, Downward, Forward, Backward, Rightward and Leftward: 2/5
I noticed quite a few walk-outs during this one, a weird and uneventful story full of strange dialogs, in other words: a perfect filmfestival film to start off with :)

January 2008

Helvetica, documentary about typography and design, now viewable in its entirety on Google Video! [related] [via]
Update: oops, it's offline now :(

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008 - Programme [via]

December 2007

October 2007

MASH - A Film by Gabe Morford and Mike Martin (Flash video)


September 2007

NPR - Live Music from the Film Once [via]

Twitch - It's The TIFF 2007 Round Up! [via] : TIFF 2007 highlights [more]

June 2007

Faces of a Fig Tree

Faces of a Fig Tree
Watching the charming and very colourful film "Faces of a Fig Tree" at the CAMERA JAPAN film festival in Lantaren/Venster last friday night.

CAMERA JAPAN, a Japanese Filmfestival, hits Rotterdam this weekend [list of films]

The Reeler - "A Hell of an Experience", interview with Leon Vitali, Stanley Kubrick's assistant [via]

May 2007

Culture Snob - a weblog

April 2007

BLDGBLOG: The Heliocentric Pantheon: An Interview with film editor Walter Murch [via]

23rd Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - April 18-25, 2007 [via]

March 2007

The Criterion Contraption - watching and reviewing every DVD in the Criterion Collection [via]

February 2007

Flatland: The Movie??!!!

January 2007

Observations on film art and Film Art - planimetric composition or "mug-shot framing" in films [more] [via]

best films seen in 2006

I figure I'd better get this out of the way before I start logging my films-seen-at-the-IFFR 2007 here, so here is a quick raw list of my faves of all the 112 films I saw for the first time in 2006 (not necessarily released in 2006), to be linkified/explained/possibly reordered in the next couple of days:

The best:
Children of Men
It's Only Talk
Taking Father Home
Half Nelson
Tokyo Sora
Me And You And Everyone We Know
The New World

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NPR - Alfonso Cuaron discusses filming the six minute single-shot action scene in Children of Men

Helvetica The Film - The Blog [via]

International Film Festival Rotterdam - Film Title List A-Z - Todd's 2006 Year in Review [via]

Midnight Eye feature: The Best (and Worst) films of 2006 [via]

NPR : Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen (audio interview)

Charlie Rose interviews Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro & Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Google Video) [via]

December 2006

Asiamania forum - Andere films [via]

The full trailer for Hot Fuzz is now online! [via]

November 2006

YouTube - Inside Live And Let Die - The Crocodile Jump [via]

Midnight Eye interview: Satoshi Kon [via]

Twitch - Dejima Japanese Film Festival 2006 Wrap Up [via]

October 2006

Google Video - On the Edge of Blade Runner [via]

Two teaser trailers for Hot Fuzz (from the makers of Shawn of the Dead) [via]

The DEJIMA Japanese Film Festival complete program is online [via]

August 2006

Helvetica, a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture

Boing Boing: Animation historians blast SF Chron movie critic

July 2006

YouTube - trailer for Paprika, Satoshi Kon's latest anime film [related] [via]


poster - VADER SESSIONS - replacing Darth Vader's voice with audio of other James Earl Jones performances (Quicktime)

YouTube - Kevin Smith talks about working on a script for the Superman movie

defective yeti: The Works: Movie Blogs

June 2006

Midnight Eye interviews Shunichi Nagasaki (one of the directors in focus at the IFFR a couple of months ago) [via]

May 2006 - The Host (Korean monster movie) teaser/CGI footage [related]

April 2006

The Kubrick Site: Clarke's 2001 Diary (excerpts) [via]

BAFF 2006 - 8th Barcelona Asian Film Festival programme [via]

Pen-Ek Ratanaruang's Postmodern Odyssey - Filmbrain on Monrak Transistor [via]

Black Brush official site [via]

Blue Cha Cha stills and behind-the-scenes shots on Flickr [via]

Blue Cha Cha official site (one of the better films I saw at the IFFR) [related]

February 2006

Twitch - 2005 Year In Review Part 2: Korean Films

The Top Ten Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed [via]

Invisible Waves website and trailer [via]

IFFR 2006 recap

Number of feature-length films seen: 29

Number of short films seen: 7

Number of legs worn out from the constant sitting in cramped theaters: 2

Number of times I found myself sitting next to snoring journalists: 1 (maintaining my record from last year)

Favourites: It's Only Talk, NEXT, Linda Linda Linda, Play, Ahlaam, Princess Raccoon, Haze and Taking Father Home.

Also very good were: Blue Cha Cha, The Magicians, Citizen Dog, Black Brush, Some Kinda Love, Heart, Beating in the Dark and Langer Licht.

Funniest Q&A: David Lammers after Langer Licht.

Cutest producer/director couple: Peng Shan and Ying Liang of Taking Father Home.

Funniest moment in any film: the Don't try this at home, kids! freeze-frame in The Great Yokai War.

Number of films seen that feature a Susumu Terajima appearance: 1 (out of a possible 3), upping my Susumu-index from 24 to 25.

Best soundtracks: Linda Linda Linda, NEXT and Black Brush.

Best poster (though I can't find a big version online): Blue Cha Cha.

View my complete list of IFFR-related posts...

IFFR day 10

Seen on the last day of the festival:
Taking Father Home
Ultra-low-budget or not, this was a pretty good film, making the absolute most of limited means and amateur actors. The combination of "distant" cinematography and the realistic and close-up feel of cheap-DV-camera footage in general gave this an interesting atmosphere.
Vendredi Ou Un Autre Jour

IFFR day 9

Seen on friday:
A Little Trip To Heaven
Best part of this film was seeing Forest Whitaker (who talks with a weird voice here which took some getting used to) walking through all the wonderfully grimy looking landscapes and locations. Interesting soundtrack too. Story could have been a little better though.
Blue Cha Cha
Beautifully shot, with quite moving performances.
Midnight, My Love
Beautiful and funny in a lot of ways, but slightly spoilt by a couple of strange and fantastical plot twists near the end.

IFFR day 8

Seen today:
It's Only Talk
Another favourite... Simply beautiful. And quite a fun experience to suddenly recognize one of the characters as being the same actor playing the villain in The Great Yokai War, which I saw only hours before.
The Great Yokai War
Don't try this at home, kids!
Walking On The Wild Side
Wrong (short)

Twitch - new Naisu No Mori trailer online

IFFR day 7

Seen yesterday:
Green Mind, Metal Bats
9 Dragons
Princess Raccoon
Somehow I was expecting this to be a much grander, epic tale, but it really does have the feel of a theater/musical stage most of the time (though there are a couple of great outside location shots). Simply a very colourful, very uplifting and most of all very silly film, with a wide variety of musical styles. Not a bad choice for 09:45 in the morning.

January 2006

IFFR day 6

Seen today:
Shanghai Dreams
La Perrerra
Langer Licht
One of the best things about this showing was the Q&A with director David Lammers afterwards, which was definitely the funniest and most enthousiastic I've seen yet.
NEXT: A Primer On Urban Painting
I wasn't expecting to vote 5-out-of-5 on a documentary this week, but I did today. This film is simply dripping with awesomeness; the first one I'm seriously considering attending a second time. Packed with so much inspirational and original and varied art and design from all over the world - all set to great music of course. Highlights: the trek deep into a cave below the Paris underground to find tags from the 19th century, the ninja-like Tokyo speed-taggers, and the pleasure of seeing the PIPSlab 3D lightsigs on a giant cinema screen.

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